Why is it good to have an SSL certificate

When creating a website you have to take into account some important factors. One of them is security, since otherwise we could have problems for the website to be visited or even appear in search engines. In this article we are going to explain some basic aspects about why you should have an SSL certificate on your page and what benefits it will bring.

Why is it good to have an SSL certificate

The SSL certificate adds veracity to a website. When we enter a page, in the address bar we will see HTTPS or HTTP and then the address. That “S” means that it has a certificate that protects the data that is sent and received. This is essential if, for example, a user connects to a public Wi-Fi network.

Image for visitors

The first positive point is the image we give to visitors. If someone sees that our website is HTTPS, which therefore has a certificate, they will consider it as more reliable, secure and with guarantees both to avoid problems and also to be able to find truthful information.

Therefore, if we want our website to have a good appearance and have something as essential today as the SSL certificate, we should consider it. This will also give us a series of options to make the site work better, as we will see. There are different types of SSL certificates .

Prevent the entry of intruders

But if there is something important it is security . An SSL certificate will protect against certain attacks such as what is known as Man-in-the-Middle. Let’s say we enter a site that is not encrypted and we do it from a public wireless network, such as an airport. Someone connected to that network could intercept the communications.

By accessing HTTPS sites we will have greater security guarantees and reduce the risk that our data may leak and end up in the wrong hands. It is therefore essential today to browse Wi-Fi networks that are not secure.

Avoid problems with browsers

Yet another reason is to avoid browser problems when trying to access a site that does not have an SSL certificate. If we want to avoid this, that visitors can enter normally, we will have to take measures. Today, many browsers such as Google Chrome launch an alert message when someone accesses a site without encryption.

This happens once again for safety. They launch an alert that this site is not secure as it does not have an SSL certificate. But of course, this is going to mean a loss of confidence of the visitors, who are going to find a message of this type.

Better search engine optimization

Similar to the above is the fact that our site does not rank correctly in search engines . Services such as Google will consider a page that is HTTPS more secure and, all things being equal compared to another that is not, will position it better.

Therefore, if we want our page to appear in search engines, it will be very important that we have an SSL certificate. This will help the confidence of visitors, but also of browsers and search engines that ensure that users actually arrive.

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