How to have the EU COVID certificate on your Xiaomi mobile?

Since last July 1, the COVID Certificate of the European Union (EU) came into force. The document was created to facilitate travel to different locations in the EU, so it is essential to always have it at hand. For this reason, in Viatea we will tell you how to have the EU COVID certificate on your Xiaomi mobile .

Download the EU COVID passport on a Xiaomi device

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the lifestyle of all people around the world. Different governments have made great efforts in order to contain the disease. Private companies have also collaborated in the fight against the virus, in fact, airlines will launch an application similar to the COVID certificate for iPhone .

The EU has also devised new ways to demonstrate who is immunized against SARS-CoV2. The so-called COVID certificate came into force last July . All people who have suffered the disease, have any of the vaccines or a negative swab may request the document.

The inhabitants of Spain can apply for the EU COVID certificate from the health application of the Autonomous Community or from the website of the Ministry of Health. However, some people wonder: How to have the EU COVID certificate on a Xiaomi mobile?

Fortunately, the solution to the question posed is very simple. The passports requested through the Ministry of Health will arrive in PDF format to your email. In this way, it will only be necessary to download the document from the email to have a COVID certificate on the Xiaomi mobile or any brand.

The situation can be a bit more complex when it comes to apps from the autonomous communities. Some of the applications place the “Download” option just below the QR code, so it will only be necessary to select it. However, if this option is not available it will be necessary to take a screenshot.

For their part, the applications of some Autonomous Communities redirect users to a specific web page. Once there, the option to download the document appears , which will be downloaded in PDF format automatically.

As you can see, having the EU COVID certificate on your Xiaomi mobile is very easy. Downloading the document or taking a screenshot will allow you to access it even when you are offline. In this way, you can avoid many inconveniences when traveling.


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