Why don’t they love me

They say that thoughts do not smell … But, for example, a dog always feels a state of fear. How does she understand that a person is afraid of her? Mind reading? No…

Precisely by smell.

Fear has its own smell (like joy, love, grief or depression, etc.), which is unconsciously read not only by animals, but also by the people around them, at the same unconscious level, forming an attitude towards a given person who is in certain experiences certain states, which means it smells … in a certain way. This is not mysticism … – this is our hormonal background. The state changes – the hormonal background also changes, or vice versa, which means that thoughts also change.

Thus, the inner state, and hence the thoughts associated with it, are always, outside, expressed through a certain smell.

In this connection, when it seems to us that we are reading the thoughts of another, then in fact, with our ancient brain, we unconsciously read, and … even sometimes, we decode at the level of consciousness his … smells, transferring unconscious material into consciousness, symbolizing his.

But, more often, we perceive it irrationally at the level of sensations and feelings, when for some reason we like or dislike this or that person, as a result of which, we always begin to come up with excuses for ourselves, subjecting to rationalization what we cannot understand … , to explain, that is, to realize. And vice versa, when a person learns, or rather develops a skill in himself, of self-awareness and understanding of the other, and of what he is living at the moment, he may well pass for others as a “telepathic” … This is not even a joke.

But, this is only half of the answer to the question asked in the title: why don’t they love you.

The second half is that they usually love not only cheerful and fulfilled people, who have a certain kind of thought-forms in their heads that smell attractive, but also love only those who do not try to realize their desires at someone else’s expense.

For example, he does not try to close his frustrations at the expense of another person, making demands on him, due to the fact that someone else has offended him in some way. Well, that is, he didn’t give, which means he stayed – he had to. Rolling out claims to him: you do not satisfy me, or rather, my desires, in some way, which means you are bad!

Thus, becoming against his background, or more precisely at his expense, for himself – good, justifying himself, in his own eyes. Well, or at the same time, out loud, condemning the one who is “bad”, trying to rise at the expense of him, in the eyes of another. Moreover, very often this state, “not given”, from the distant past, is projected onto the whole world in the present, expressed by the fear of the future.

Or, for example, they love someone who does not require attention, understanding, sympathy, empathy, compassion, love from someone, thus, hysterically, trying to plug up their voids – a lack of feelings in themselves, again at the expense of another. And on the contrary, attracts the person who, as if removing himself, that is, his desires in front of another, concentrates on him, on his lacks and desires, on his needs, trying to realize them, which means – unconsciously empathizes and sympathizes, creates an emotional connection, that is, – gives.


by Abdullah Sam
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