Why does my Samsung cell phone screen flicker? Solution

Today, a cell phone screen is perhaps your most important data input and output peripheral. Before it was limited to only showing us the information that we entered through the keyboard, but today touch technology has made the screen the part of our smartphone that we use the most to communicate with others.

That is why, when a failure occurs, such as the screen flashing, this can be a situation that brings us complications, more than a simple annoyance. Samsung cell phones have used the screen to create their own revolution. If the screen flickers and turns green, then it is time to analyze the causes and apply the corrective measures.

The screen of our smartphone is the central axis of it, for this reason, any failure or inconvenience that it presents, such as the screen flashing, generates an alarm. There is a fairly common problem that occurs, which is the flickering of the mobile device screen.

If you are a user and your cell phone has this error that the screen flickers, you have come to the right place, since we are going to teach you some ways to solve the flickering of the screen. One of the functions that we most often use on our screen is the degree of luminosity. If we are in the open sky, during daylight hours, it is very possible that we will have to increase its brightness, in order to see the information we want. It usually happens that if we then lower the brightness, then the screen starts to flicker. This is not normal and now we are going to explain the possible reasons and solutions to this problem and why it turns green.

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  1. Why does my Samsung mobile screen flicker or shake?
    1. My phone fell and now the screen flickers
    2. My mobile screen turns green and flashes
  2. How to fix my phone screen flickering?
    1. Check for display problems
    2. auto brightness
    3. The battery has problems
    4. Error with software updates
    5. Using recovery mode

Why does my Samsung mobile screen flicker or shake?

Although the mobiles or tablets of the Korean firm are among the best devices in the world, some Samsung models, such as the Samsung Galaxy J7 , came out with some flaws. The most uncomfortable of all is the flickering when the screen brightness is lowered .

My phone fell and now the screen flickers

The causes of the cell phone screen flickering are varied, it can range from a blow received because it fell, to difficulties with the software and hardware. One of the most common reasons occurs when the brightness of the screen decreases . The easiest solution is to set the automatic brightness on the cell phone.

In short, the causes of this screen flickering problem are usually many. But we will focus on those that we have the possibility of solving by our own hands, and they have to do with software . If your screen flickering problem is due to some physical abuse to your cell phone because it fell. Then you may have to hire a specialized technical service by calling by mobile phone.

Depending on the seriousness of the matter, since, if it turns green, you must buy another screen. Check if your Samsung cell phone is original or copy , so you can see why the screen flashes.

My mobile screen turns green and flashes

When the screen flickers and turns green on Samsung smartphone, it is because you have the brightness too low. And for that reason, the screen trembles with the green spots on the cell phone.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a Samsung Galaxy S5 or Galaxy J7, so to fix the issue, you need to increase the brightness of the smartphone and restart the smartphone. With this, finish the problem of the screen flickering, or that the screen trembles, but if it persists, take it to a technical service.

How to fix my phone screen flickering?

Some cell phones with the Google operating system version 4.0 have their terminals strictly activated by default. This is necessary to disable them, using the Developer Options. Which are not visible, but we can apply a little trick to access them.

To access Developer Options , you need to follow these steps:

  • Follow the following command line from your Samsung phone: Settings -> About device -> Build number
  • Now you must press many times, until a notice will appear showing a message. It will tell you that Developer Options have been turned on.
  • Go back to the Settings menu and you will see the options you are looking for at the bottom. Click on them.
  • Enter the Monitoring section.
  • There you will find the option Strict mode, which you will have to deactivate 

With this, the screen flickering problem of your Samsung mobile should be solved. In case you are not making progress, you can try updating your software or leaving the brightness on automatic mode, to see if it solves the problem. If none of this works at the software level, then it is possible that it is due to a hardware failure, which implies that you will have to pay a visit to a technical service you trust, in order to know why the screen flashes.

Check for display problems

The J7 has also featured other screen flickering issues that also have easy fixes among them:

  • Problems with the Wi-Fi connection:it can be solved by verifying the power saving mode through the settings, entering the code *#0011* on your keyboard, or factory resetting the phone .
  • Problems receiving notifications from apps:The best way to fix this is to uninstall the buggy apps and download them from the Play Store that is already up to date .
  • Failed to try to use the camera:It can be fixed in three ways, turning the phone off and on in safe mode, clearing the cache of the camera app, or at last, factory resetting the phone.

In short, trying to solve the screen flickering problem on your own would save us time. We should be thankful that we have several tricks to fix the Samsung Galaxy J7 screen that flickers when the brightness is lowered. Try these and if it does not work, you can still use the guarantee and go to the technical service, thus discovering why the screen flickers.

auto brightness

Many of the users who dealt with the Galaxy J7 screen flickering problem , have managed to solve it with this simple trick of increasing the brightness to the maximum. The method consists of:

  • Activate the Exterior Mode option on the cell phone and raise the brightness to the maximum.
  • Leave the screen onall the time . About an hour (if it doesn’t work, try leaving it a bit longer).
  • After the time, you lower the brightness and deactivate the Exterior Mode .

Those who do not pay enough attention to the screen flickering problem on the cell phone, nor do they seek to complicate themselves with complex solutions, opt for other methods:

  • Leave the brightness on auto and your Samsung Galaxy J7phone will never experience the screen flickering issue again. However, for most people, this is not an option, as it is usually annoying to the eye or is not to personal taste.
  • You can also turn down all the brightness and leave the device like that, for about 1 or 2 days.
  • Leave the brightness to the maximum of the screen of the Samsung J7 that flickers, and install an application called Night Mode. This APK opposes an opaque protector, so that the light doesn’t show too much. It can be found in the Play Store. Once downloaded, you must open the app and leave the brightness it has at 50% to finally activate it.

What if the problem persists? Well, when you have tried the simplest methods and the screen of any Samsung cell phone or Samsung Galaxy J7 keeps flickering when you lower the brightness. We recommend making use of the guarantee, which after all, Samsung mobiles have it for a reason, right? As it is a display error, you can send your device and they should take care of it. As long as that is the only problem, screen flickering, since they do not cover an inconvenience caused by recent falls or bumps.

The battery has problems

This may be one of the causes of the cell phone screen flickering or the Samsung smartphone screen shaking. Therefore, the first thing you are going to do is verify that the charger is fine. If not, buy a new cable, but if the problem persists; It may be that the battery is damaged and therefore you will have to buy another one.

Error with software updates

It is clear that this error should not occur. However, every time we lower the brightness of the Samsung J7 screen, it starts to flicker . Although, the problem comes from the operating system, with more emphasis on Android 5.1 Lollipop versions, updating to version 6.0 Marshmallow should solve the screen flickering error.

But truth be told, this doesn’t work with most computers. So, we will have to apply the methods on the cell phone that we show you in our article.

Using recovery mode

It is one of the most drastic solutions, because it consists of formatting the smartphone, leaving it as if it were factory . It does not matter the version if it is Galaxy S5 or Galaxy J7, because in both devices it is possible to do this in order to end the screen flickering.


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