How To Fix cell phone screen freezes and does not respond?

Keeping a personal mobile phone working at its best is an essential element, thus speeding up any daily work , since there are more and more tools that they have to facilitate day to day. For this reason, it is recommended to clean an Android mobile when it crashes or locks , thus preventing such malfunctions as those that freeze and do not respond and thus extend its duration.

If you are one of those people who have had the mobile screen freeze, then you must have a problem. It is obvious to ask, why is this happening? , but this difficulty is very common in users who have many applications, since it is a factor that makes the device itself slow down and therefore freezes and does not respond.

Because despite being in a digitized age, where mobile phones are increasingly advanced. There is still the possibility that due to any software or hardware problem it may present failures. These faults have different levels of severity according to the root of the problem. In this case, if you present this dilemma with this article, we will show you the causes and solutions when a mobile phone freezes.

At the moment of being presented with the problems that the cell phone is slow or freezes , it is not necessary to resort to a technician. The solutions that we will give you are to solve this problem without having to take it to someone unknown, and do it on your own. With them, you will be able to solve these difficulties very quickly, since they are very simple to perform.

In case you have iPhone devices and you have this problem of freezing and not responding, you can access the company’s support page.

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  1. Why does my cell phone screen freeze and not respond?
    1. system saturation
    2. Operating system problems
    3. presence of malware
  2. What to do when a cell phone screen freezes?
    1. Reboot the device
    2. Access safe mode
    3. Do a Hard Reset
  3. Applications to improve the performance of my mobile if it locks up and does not respond
  4. Can the cell phone freeze due to having too many apps open?
  5. What can I do if I already reset my phone and it keeps freezing?
  6. How can I prevent my phone from freezing again for no reason?
  7. Why does the cell phone screen go black?

Why does my cell phone screen freeze and not respond?

Currently, due to all the internal and external elements that a mobile device processes, the reasons why its screen can freeze are diverse.

However, this is not a reason to lose your temper, since, by determining the origin of the problem , you will be able to take the necessary actions to solve it. Without the need for technical support which can take time and money.

system saturation

Not all mobile devices are perfect, and many may have common errors. Like, slow, it doesn’t load well or it freezes.

The latter mentioned is one of the most frequent and appears more when there are problems with the OS of the mobile itself. Usually, it is the System itself that brings this problem to light.

Operating system problems

Next, we will explain the most common reasons why a mobile screen freezes. So you can establish the necessary action plan and solve the problem.

Internal software of the mobile: In general, this occurs due to some temporary defect of the Android or iOS system that will solve itself.

Outdated mobile software: it is necessary to keep the mobile device software updated, up to its latest version. For this reason, it is essential to download the updates at the time the notification appears.

Failure with some application: It is possible that some application for mobile devices installed on the computer. It is causing the problem. Because it is outdated or infected by viruses, due to downloading from sites other than official stores.

Storage of the full equipment: It is always recommended to periodically clean the internal and external storage of the mobile device. To prevent failures that occur due to low RAM memory space, such as, for example, that your mobile screen freezes and does not respond.

Some recommendations may be, have extra memory to help you get more space on your mobile. Do maintenance on the files, so as not to have junk data.

presence of malware

If you notice that your cell phone freezes and the screen does not respond, it may be the presence of these invaders. Therefore, you can enter safe mode on your mobile phone, and prevent apps from running in the background .

Then, you restart the cell phone and identify the application that paralyzes or locks the screen . And you delete it from the device, then install an antivirus to prevent it from locking the screen again.

And therefore, it freezes and does not respond, this applies to Samsung, Motorola cell phones. Also for that mobile phone, with Android or iOS operating system.

What to do when a cell phone screen freezes?

Now that we have determined that a cell phone can freeze due to various reasons. It is important to take the necessary precautions to prevent this problem from happening again. The lack of maintenance, periodically, to a cell phone, can cause it to be completely damaged.

Whenever you have a screen freeze problem, you can resort to very easy solutions in order to unlock it. One of the best that we provide you is to clean your mobile when you see this problem to solve it. In this way, the files that cause this mishap to come out will be removed. Other options that you have available to solve this problem are the following.

Reboot the device

Restart the mobile: This is the first thing you should do when the cell phone freezes to free memory and correct errors in the restart. You can restart the mobile in the normal way, with the forced restart, pressing the power button or removing the battery from the cell phone. It is essential to have a minimum of 5% battery before restarting, with this, you will be returning to its normal state.

Uninstall applications: In the event that this problem has started after installing a certain application, you must remove said app from the cell phone, since this may be the source of the failure. Eliminate heavy applications that your phone can’t handle.

Access safe mode

As we mentioned before, by entering this mode you can control everything related to your mobile phone. Now, to be able to solve the problem that the screen freezes with this.

You just have to turn off the cell phone, and press the power button and volume down both at the same time until the message appears in safe mode. Here you can delete or stop applications, control the battery, among many other things.

Especially when you notice that the cell phone freezes and does not respond. In order to identify and eliminate why the screen of Samsung, Motorola, etc. cell phones or tablets is locked.

Of course, you must take into account to make these changes or revisions carefully. Since, when trying to solve the problem that the screen of the cell phone freezes, you damage the operating system of the cell phone.

So, if you do not know very well how this is, you can contact a technician through mobile telephony, call. Or go to a repair center, so they can help you with the problem.

Since, this method can be carried out both on tablets or cell phones of Samsung and Motorola brands, among many others.

Do a Hard Reset

Factory reset the mobile: Before using this option you must make a backup of your files, since, with it, all the mobile data will be erased. Depending on the model of your equipment , you can restart the mobile from the factory, through the system settings or through the ‘recovery’ mode of the equipment. Restarting the mobile to its factory state, it will return to its default values, thus solving the problem that the mobile freezes and does not respond.

Apart from these three main options, it is also recommended to remove and reinsert the battery and SD card . Update apps on your device automatically , or manually, through the app store.

Applications to improve the performance of my mobile if it locks up and does not respond

Nowadays, there is a wide range of external applications, to help you keep your phone optimized for maximum performance. So, you don’t have to carry out these processes manually, saving time and streamlining the process in a matter of seconds. Of all the free applications that are available, the ones that offer the best results are the following.

All-In-One Toolbox : The main application to optimize a mobile by having more than 30 tools to free up space in RAM, ROM, SD card and speed up the startup of heavy applications.

Nox Cleaner: With this application, you will not only be able to free up space and optimize all cell phone processes, but you will also have the option to keep your data private and secure.

APUS Security: Apart from working as a garbage cleaner at all levels of the cell phone, and increasing the speed of the computer, this application also has an antivirus to protect the phone.

Speed ​​​​accelerator: As its name suggests, with this application, you can improve the performance of the mobile device. Especially for those who use it as a video game console.

Booster: With this app, you will be able to clear cache and junk files of all apps with one button. Apart from having an application manager to update and uninstall.

iClean: The main advantage of this application is that, with it, you can periodically eliminate background processes that are not necessary for the mobile to function, apart from having a function to cool down the computer’s CPU.

Can the cell phone freeze due to having too many apps open?

If your cell phone freezes frequently, and you don’t know why, you may have many apps open without using them . Cell phones are like computers, if you open a program and then access another, the first one does not close and remains open. In this way, every time you open another application, the previous ones will be running in the background.

All these applications that are in the background will make the mobile slow down, since they are working. In this way, these apps that are in this state take up space in the cell phone’s memory. All this, because it is running behind the other programs.

What can I do if I already reset my phone and it keeps freezing?

If you have applied all the methods explained to solve the problem of the cell phone screen freezing and not responding, and the cell phone continues to freeze, it is most likely that the problem is occurring due to the cell phone software. In this case, it is possible that it is defective, or it is due to a failure of the external components of the equipment. That is, a hardware problem.

If the phone’s software is already updated and the problem continues, it can be solved by reinstalling the device ‘s firmware or installing an alternative ROM on the phone. It is important to note that these methods should be applied only if you have prior knowledge of the systems you are working on, otherwise you can cause permanent damage to your computer.

While hardware problems should be treated in the same way, unless you have an understanding of the phone’s external system and its components, you should not attempt to repair it yourself. We advise you to locate specialized technical support personnel to solve this problem professionally.

How can I prevent my phone from freezing again for no reason?

The best way to prevent a cell phone from freezing again for no reason is to use it wisely to prevent it from deteriorating quickly. Since having a high-end mobile device does not mean that they are immune to the same problems as other equipment. Therefore, keep in mind the following recommendations to avoid this failure.

Restart the device from time to time: In this way, you will be able to automatically close all the processes that were running in the background, and free up RAM so that the device works effectively.

Update the applications: The vast majority of applications have updates periodically, so that they continue to be compatible with the mobile.

Clear the application cache: Through the phone settings it is necessary to clear the application cache, especially those of daily use that can accumulate large spaces of junk and temporary files.

Wipe cache partition: Depending on your phone, you should investigate how to use this option. To delete temporary files, which the phone accumulates in its internal storage.

Update phone software: Generally, when there is a cell phone update, it sends a notification message. However, if you haven’t seen one in a while, head to Settings > About this device > System update.

Why does the cell phone screen go black?

A major problem is when the cell phone stays on the dark screen and does not want to turn on. This may be causing problems in both the Hardware and Software of the cell phone, but after a while, it returns to its original state. It is more common to see this on Samsung brand cell phones.

However, not only these are the cause of this harmful problem, which causes the cell phone to deteriorate , viruses are also a dilemma. That is why removing these mobile malware is a very important task. Also, not updating the cell phone is a very common mistake, and it causes problems like the ones mentioned.


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