How to open the car if it does not respond to the key?

A problem with access to the car may arise even if it does not have an additional alarm. There may be several reasons for this failure.Anyone who equips a car with a sophisticated security system , in addition to the standard alarm system, is mentally prepared for possible malfunctions in its operation, as well as difficulties with starting the car. But sometimes the car does not open the door from the key button, even if nothing was installed in addition to the factory signaling. In this case, do not panic and cancel the trip. After all, this problem, as a rule, is solved with minimal time, effort and money.

Dead battery in key

A frequent answer to the question “why does the key not open the car?” – the battery in the key runs out. Depending on the quality of this battery and the frequency of opening the car, a conventional battery lasts an average of 2-3 years, and a lithium battery lasts up to 5 years.

Signs of the imminent demise of this element in the remote control key fob:

  • opening locks with a delay after pressing,
  • weakly lit indicator on the key when the button is pressed,
  • unlocking doors only near the car.

Some cars themselves warn the driver about a low battery in the key by frequently flashing the turn signals a certain number of times when opening and closing the doors from the key fob. For example,  Smart and Mitsubishi Colt have 9 short flashes of emergency lights.

How to change the battery in the key

If the battery is dead and  the key does not work , and you have to go far for the second one, it is easier to change the battery. What type of battery is suitable for this, as well as the procedure for replacing it, can be found in the car’s operating instructions. If the manual is not at hand either, then take an old battery as a sample.

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To replace the battery in the key combined with the remote control, you need to:

  • remove or fold back the “sting” of the key,
  • use a thin screwdriver to press the locking latch in its socket,
  • detach the back cover of the key housing,
  • remove and replace the coin cell battery.

If there is no new battery at hand, then it is worth trying to reanimate the old one at least for a while in order to open and  start the car . To do this, heat it up. For example, under a stream of hot water from the tap. Or tap on the battery to increase its chemical reactions. Or recharge it by briefly touching the wires from a power source with the same voltage, observing the polarity.

got rid of the key

But what if the battery is new, but the key fob does not open the car? This happens when the alarm scanner protection is activated. It works if the button on the key is pressed repeatedly away from the car. In this case, the chip key stops working and needs to be re-learned to open the car doors – to synchronize.

For different brands, the key synchronization algorithm, or the so-called “learning”, is different. As a rule, the procedure is described in the operating instructions for the car. For example, to synchronize a key in Opel, you need:

  • put it in the ignition switch
  • turn it to the ON position so that the signal lamps on the panel light up,
  • press the button on the key to open or close the machine.

How to adapt the key in Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi:

  • get the “sting” of the key,
  • remove the lock cylinder cap from the driver’s door handle,
  • press the button on the key to unlock the car doors, being nearby,
  • within a minute after that, insert the key into the lock and unlock the door by turning it counterclockwise.


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