Should I sell my car in the summer?

Is the hottest season suitable for a quick and profitable parting with a car?Any car owner will sooner or later take care of the issue of changing the car . And before you buy a new one, you must first sell the existing one as profitably as possible. But is it worth it to do this in the summer and does seasonality affect pricing in the secondary market and the purchasing power of Russians?

Seasonality takes its toll

Despite the age and technical condition of the car, the proceeds from its sale may differ at different times of the year. Yes, and the timing of the sale of a used car also sometimes depends a lot on the season. Based on a number of factors, summer, like winter, is traditionally considered the worst time of the year to part with a car .

In winter, many simply do not need a personal car. Up to a third of all drivers prefer to get to work by public transport in cold weather, without suffering from warming up the car, digging it out of a snowdrift or clearing snow. In addition, in winter, the risk of getting into an accident is higher .

And in winter there are other expenses and worries like New Year’s holidays with gifts and vacations. Summer is a similar story. Starting from June and up to September, the demand for cars in the secondary market, and at the same time their prices, are noticeably reduced due to the holiday season, cottages, and major repairs. Therefore, the best time to sell a car  is spring.

From April to June, demand and prices for used cars are growing, as it becomes warm and dry outside, which means that personal transport is again in demand. Plus, the summer season , summer travels and a trip to the sea looms on the horizon . By mid-autumn, while the weather is good, the demand for used cars is also growing thanks to those who still have accumulated funds after the holidays. But not like spring.


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