Why Brainstorming” is a Tool to Solve Problems

Creativity is often a key for someone to get out of the usual activity or business patterns. But now we see it from a life that is full of a series of problems, both small problems, medium problems, and large. The size is relative depending on the individual person.

Talking about a problem, means it needs to be resolved or faced because if not, it will still be a problem for us. Ironically, if it is not resolved, it will enlarge and become another problem.

This is where common sense is needed and this too needs to be continuously developed. The development to be creative in solving problems is an important point, because the more creative a person is, the more ways to solve problems.

Thinking is the main tool for solving problems in a person’s life.

Actually, what is creative? Creative is a thought process that helps spark new ideas which is one of human nature which is formed from the experience process so that the person can continue to improve and develop himself (Anderos: 1961).

But why doesn’t creativity emerge? There are obstacles or what is commonly called ” mental blocks “. Mental blockage that prevents a person from achieving goals and becomes self-sabotaging which makes it difficult for a person to achieve what he wants even when he is determined.

Some of the characteristics of mental blocks that need to be anticipated, which can hinder creativity, are always feeling there is no time, why should change, or how something has become a habit for someone, as well as a routine that is always done.

To be able to think creatively, we must optimize the imagination to analyze the various relationships in a problem, with the sharpness of this imagination can see relationships that may not be seen by others.

One way to increase creativity is through ” brainstorming “. What is brainstorming? A tool used to get ideas out of each team member in a structured and systematic manner. This method can be applied in everyday life using simple techniques. I try to describe it like chatting to get ideas through talking with clients, colleagues, or direct superiors. By taking time to relax, doing hobbies that we like, such as taking a walk, seeing the scenery and breathing fresh air on the mountain or on the beach, having a habit of writing, can also make pictures or sketches. Don’t make it a habit to say no or refuse, the habit of saying no will actually close your mind to explore potential and create ideas.

Ideas are a stimulant in dealing with problems. Does not make us drag on and get stuck.

To get creative solutions that effectively solve the problems we face, brainstorming must be done effectively and correctly. Another advantage of brainstorming is that it involves other members in the discussion so that each of them is committed to executing the ideas generated and can immediately apply them to existing problems.


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