Why Alexa blinks;Complete Guide

Most electronic devices are equipped with LEDs that change color as needed. Flashing LED lights and their frequency usually testify that there is a problem to be solved.

Unlike traditional electronic devices, Alexa has its own legend, which adjusts itself according to the problem and indicates it with a color. In the next few lines you will discover that the colors are really many and that each one will signal you a very specific action, extremely useful for solving it in a very short time without having to get nervous looking for a random resolution.

So let’s investigate why Alexa blinks and how to relate to each type of color. We recommend that you take a pen and paper or a digital notepad because Alexa’s colors are not few.

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  • Alexa lights and colors: what they mean and why they blink
    • Why Alexa flashes a green light
    • Why Alexa is blinking yellow
    • Why Alexa is blinking purple
    • Why Alexa glows blue
    • Why Alexa flashes a light Blue (Cyan) light
    • Why Alexa flashes an Orange light
    • Why Alexa flashes a White light
    • Why Alexa has a solid red light
  • How not to make Alexa blink
  • No lights on on Alexa

Alexa lights and colors: what they mean and why they blink

The Alexa colors are visible mainly thanks to its ring, consisting of an internal LED strip and able to assume any color. Obviously, when you do not see any color, the software is waiting for your command and does not present any action. You may have already noticed how the LED ring turns blue when Alexa is assimilating your commands, while it has a completely different color for other information. Let’s see which ones.

Why Alexa flashes a green light

In addition to being an excellent voice assistant, Alexa can offer you many other interesting features, including calling . Thanks to the microphones and earphones you can make a call even at a good distance from the Amazon home device. The flashing green color identifies the imminent arrival of a call from your contact , but also the possibility of an incoming message from another product with Alexa. So get ready to respond when this color shows up.

Why Alexa is blinking yellow

Yellow is a very particular color in the world of design, it is capable of attracting attention even with very small dimensions. Taking a cue from this concept, Amazon wanted to dedicate Alexa’s flashing of this color to messages and notifications . In fact, when you receive a notification or a message, the Alexa ring will flash with a bright yellow color, slowly, just to attract your attention. Please do not make the recipient wait too long.

Why Alexa is blinking purple

If you don’t really want to hear notifications, messages, music or many other sounds coming from the voice assistant, the best solution is to enter Do Not Disturb mode . When you ask Alexa to activate this mode, the LED ring will turn into a faint purple light that will let you know that she has received the command.

This color, however, is not only dedicated to Do Not Disturb mode, but also extends to possible Wi-Fi problems during the first configuration of the device . If you encounter this problem in the early stages of Alexa installation, try to bring the device closer to the router, so as to improve reception between the two components.

Why Alexa glows blue

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, when Alexa produces a blue light she wants you to know that she is listening . You will find slight differences between the blue it emits before and after listening, but it is only a scenic effect, in reality the internal software is only processing the information you have transferred and is ready to give you an answer.

We advise you to be very careful between the flashing blue light and the light blue one, although they may seem similar colors to you in reality they indicate two completely different information. Let’s see how they differ.

Why Alexa flashes a light Blue (Cyan) light

If the blue light tells you that Alexa is listening, the light blue light informs you that the device is starting up . As we have previously pointed out to you, it is very important to pay attention to this color since in case of need you may have to disconnect the electricity while you are doing something around the house.

The start-up phase of Alexa is very important to synchronize all the devices in the house, especially the smart ones, and disconnecting the flow of electricity while showing you the cyan color could bring you some headaches that we absolutely must avoid. You can’t imagine how frustrating it is to re-memorize all devices; therefore, it is best to be careful upstream.

Why Alexa flashes an Orange light

Just as important as cyan light is orange. This, in fact, indicates clearly and quickly that your Alexa device is configuring itself and that it will soon be ready to satisfy your requests. Also in this case try not to touch the device and above all avoid disconnecting the electricity suddenly; home appliances are not very fond of voltage spikes, Alexa even less so.

The orange light, however, can also indicate a more relevant problem, namely that it has been trying for a few seconds to connect to the internet but cannot. To get around this problem, decrease the distance from the modem \ router or start the Alexa application on your smartphone and check the internet signal strength in Settings> Device settings> Echo Dot> Status .

Why Alexa flashes a White light

For the white light Amazon wanted to give an artist’s touch to its products. From a technical point of view, the white color identifies the volume variation you have set or asked Alexa to set. Although it may seem like a trivial thing to you, Amazon has wanted to put its own and has set a function that allows you to visually understand how high the volume of your device is.

The greater the white perimeter of the LED ring, the higher the volume set by Alexa will be . So if the ring is completely white be careful not to overdo the music, the neighbors would definitely not be happy.

Why Alexa has a solid red light

The solid red light appears when the microphone on / off button on the Echo device is pressed . This means that the microphone is disabled and Alexa is not listening. Pressing it again will re-enable the microphone and consequently Alexa will be able to hear you. On Echo devices with a camera, the red bar indicates that your video will not be shared,

shows when the microphone on / off button is pressed. This means that the device’s microphone is disconnected and Alexa is not listening. Press it again to enable the microphone.

On Echo devices with a camera, a red light bar indicates that your video will not be shared.

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How not to make Alexa blink

The visual and physical interactions with Alexa’s lights are certainly very interesting, but it is evident how these can be annoying in some cases in the middle of the night or while you are watching a movie. Fortunately, you can turn off some lights for perfect customization.

In particular, you will be able to manage the yellow and green lights. Just start the Alexa application on your smartphone and decide whether or not to receive notifications on your voice assistant. By deleting the notifications, you can therefore avoid seeing the yellow flash.

For the green one, however, you will have to activate Do Not Disturb mode , great when you have to go to sleep. To activate it it will take you a few seconds, let’s see how to do it. Open the Alexa application on your smartphone, go to More> Settings> Device settings  and select the Echo option (for example, in my case Echo Dot Fabrizio). From here, just press on the gear icon , at the top right, and press on Do not disturb by switching it to OFF , and that’s it.

Unfortunately, the orange, red, and purple lights will still show up if you’re having trouble connecting.

No lights on on Alexa

If you don’t see any flashing lights, your Amazon Echo is working. By saying “ Alexa “, you’ll get the attention of Amazon’s virtual assistant.

If you really don’t succeed in this mission, there is always the extreme solution of unplugging Alexa, but we are sure that there will be no need, right?

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