How to choose a winning domain name

Choosing a domain name to put your business online is certainly an important aspect if you want to give users a name that is easy to remember. Let’s see how to choose a winning domain name for your business idea with GoDaddy.

GoDaddy is one of the best hosting and domain providers in the world dedicated mainly to small businesses. It has 20 million customers and over 80 million domain names under management. Creating a professional site on GoDaddy to better manage your work is the ideal solution for your business. Let’s see how to do it.


  • What is a domain
  • How to choose a winning domain name
  • How to buy domain on GoDaddy

What is a domain

domain name is nothing more than the name of a website. Choosing a domain name is very similar to choosing your company name. In practice it is your identity on the Web. Access and use of domain names are reserved exclusively for the owner of the domain name, also known as the Registrant of the domain name.

A domain name is a combination of letters, numbers and symbols that you type on the web browser (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.) to access a specific web address.

How to choose a winning domain name

But what is the best domain? Here are 10 practical tips to follow if you want to have an effective and concrete domain.

  1. Choose a domain name that is easy to remember– it’s important that the name is simple and easy to remember. This way you can share it with your contacts and make sure that even when you say it, his name is well understood.
  2. Make sure it’s easy to spell– choose a name that’s easy to type. Avoid complex words, such as incomprehensible acronyms or neighboring consonants. For example Xsonar or other. It will make it easier for users to search.
  3. Create a short name with few words: long and complex names are not well seen on the web. Short names for example: Facebook, Instagram, etc. they are always winning.
  4. Avoid special characters, numbers and hyphens: using numbers if you really can’t do without them or other special characters is definitely to be avoided. Unless your company is already known. See for example CR7. Otherwise use only letters.
  5. Use keywords: if you have a company that repairs computers, you could create a name like this: Keywords or keywords help improve your site’s position in search engines simply because people looking for products like yours will tend to type that keyword in their search.
  6. Use an appropriate extension: extensions are the suffixes you find at the end of the web address. The use of .com is very popular but has an international meaning. If you want to focus only on the Italian market, I recommend that you use the .it suffix . Other extensions used are:
    • .info: information sites.
    • .net: technical sites.
    • .io: for start-ups.
    • .co: indicates companies, communities.
    • .org: indicates non-profit organizations.
    • .biz: e-commerce sites.
    • .me: blog or personal pages.
  7. Create an original domain: Try to choose a domain name that is not used by some other company and is not protected by copyright. Before deciding, do some research on Google.
  8. Specify your area of ​​reference: If your business is in a certain city, you might consider adding the place name to the domain name. For example
  9. Build your brand: if you have chosen an original domain name and want to protect it, I recommend that you purchase several domain extensions. By doing this you can cover any online search errors (think of those looking for your site with the extension .it, when your extension is .com). Furthermore, you will avoid the purchase of a domain with the same name as you but with a different extension.
  10. Hurry: GoDaddy offers a very useful domain name lookup service that will help you make the right decision in getting your business online.

How to buy domain on GoDaddy

Now that I’ve given you all the tips on choosing the right domain name , it’s time to buy a domain at GoDaddy . To do this you simply have to start the search for your domain by going to the GoDaddy Free Domains page and press the Buy button to discover the many offers and the vast selection on the Web.

GoDaddy will tell you if that domain is available and show you others that may interest you. After choosing it, add it to your cart and proceed to checkout to become the owner of a domain name that speaks to you.

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