Who invented the electronic diary?

Who was the first to invent the electronic diary ? You all must know that today we are living in the digital age where more than half of our work is completed by digital device. Then whether it is to recharge online, to study, to watch movies, to talk or to shop.

You will remember that in childhood, our school teachers and our parents also used to ask us to write a diary at night in which whatever we experience in our routine – good or bad, used to write all the things in a paper sheet. Were.

We used to listen to them and we used to keep writing for 2 or 4 days, after which we stopped writing. Do you know why we used to do this? Because we found writing to be a bit boring, we did not like to write.

 electronic diary ka avishkar kisne kiya

That era was of paper and pen but today is the age of computer. There are some people even today who like to write diaries and maybe they are fond of writing since childhood. But the only difference is that today we use an electronic diary instead of paper and pen.

By listening to the name of the electronic diary, you must have understood that there is no need for the paper and pen used traditionally, but the diary is written with the help of an electronic device.

What is the electronic diary and who has invented the electronic diary? The answer will not be known to 80 out of 100 people. Because most of us do not like to write a diary.

But let me tell you a special thing about electronic diary, you can use it not only to write a diary but you can write about your upcoming events, business transactions, new ideas of work, etc.

Who was the first to invent the electronic diary?

I know that all of you also want to know who discovered the electronic diary or who is the inventor of the electronic diary?

The electronic diary was invented by Sam Pitroda .

The person who invented the electronic diary instead of the traditional diary is actually a member of his own country, India, not far from abroad. It is the Indian inventor of the electronic diary .

electronic diary ke avishkarak
Sam Pitroda

Sam Pitroda ‘s full name is Satyan Pitroda , an internationally respected telecommunications inventor, entrepreneur, development thinker and policymaker who has spent 50 years in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and related global and national development. He was born in the Gujrati family in Titlagarh in the eastern Indian state of Odisha.

Sam Pitroda is known by many as the father of the Indian Telecom Revolution. He worked to provide telephones in even the remotest parts of rural India, believing that Information Communication Technology (ICT) is as important to the developing world as water and education.

He is considered one of the earliest pioneers of hand-held computing due to the invention of the electronic diary in 1975. Sam Pitroda has invented the electronic diary which was one of the first electronics and handheld devices.

What is an electronic diary?

An electronic diary is a software program specifically designed for users to write their daily tasks and schedules, list tasks to be performed, arrange appointments, and share this information with colleagues over a computer network .

There are both electronic diary apps and websites that you can use to write notes and make lists of things to do.

Every day, we should note the events of the day and the tasks that have been completed or are in process. Earlier we used to write them in paper notebooks, however humans changed their habit with a sense of environmental protection and now we are accustomed to using electronic diary software.

Even such diary software helps us in more systematic way, and helps us to get information more quickly. We can include images, tables, attachments etc. to make the diary more splendid and clear.

Electronic diaries provide us with attraction tools, one of these tools designed specifically to allow users to set highly encrypted passwords to protect data and files. People can only access data with the correct password.

You can use electronic diary application like Efficient Diary , Diaro , Penzu etc. on all operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows and all devices like mobile, PC, tablets etc.

There are also some apps that you can use on only one operating system like Google’s Keep Diary app you can use on Android device and you can use Digital Diary of Windows only in windows OS.

A variety of businesses use these electronic devices to facilitate day-to-day tasks and monitor plans for meetings or projects.

Since the computer keeps details of each appointments, users can be reminded in advance for meetings and appointments through electronic diary.

The diary helps us organize our thoughts and make them promising. You can record daily experiences, thoughts and feelings about certain experiences or opinions.

For many years, people have used pen and paper to keep a diary. With the advent of the internet, however, a new way of preparing diaries came. Now you can write and publish your thoughts in electronic diary.

Nowadays people keep a blog or vlog, and record their lives on social media, very few of us write in a magazine and put our experiences into words.

Blog is also a kind of electronic diary in which we write about our knowledge and experience and share that knowledge with others.

There are also some blogs in which people like to write about their personal life, about success, about their autobiography and people from all over the world read their articles and know about their life’s struggles.

Like popular actor Amitabh Bachchan ji has a personal blog in which he writes about many things like poems, information about his upcoming films, his life experiences, social concerns etc. and his fans like to read his blog. .

Why should you use an electronic diary?

The electronic diary is a tool to write your diary every day without the need to use traditional things like paper, pen, ink etc.

Apart from this it comes with very good features that help you organize your time, reduce your effort and help you remember your best memories visually and audibly.

Electronic diary offers many advantages over paper diary. What are they? Let’s know about them.

1. The problem with paper diaries or journals is that they can be lost or destroyed. An online electronic journal is properly and safely stored in the cloud.

Your electronic diary is stored safely online, so you will never forget where it is hidden.

2. The most important advantage of an electronic diary over a paper diary is in its ability to share. You cannot share paper diary online but you can share journals written in electronic diary.

3. Electronic diary has a high security system which protects your diaries from theft. No person can read your personal diary without your permission as it is protected by password.

But in the case of paper diary, often other people used to read the diary secretly because there is no lock system in them.

4. Everything written on the electronic diary can be backed up so that you do not have to worry about losing your valuable entries.

You can make a copy of your entries and store them on your hard drive, or you can e-mail the entries yourself or store them on a flash drive.

5. A diary is designed for one person only: that is, you. On the other hand, you can share an electronic diary with as many people as you want.

You can limit that access to yourself or you can allow your friends and family members to access your diary or make your diary available to the general public.

6. Including pictures in traditional diaries can be very frustrating. You have to either draw it by hand or cut it from a magazine or other source and add it to the page.

With online electronic diaries, you can integrate your text with tons of multimedia content online, including pictures, animations and advertisements.

7. Usually, if something is wrong in a common diary or we have to add something new to it, then it needs to be erased with an eraser to adjust it. This is a tedious and time consuming process.

With the electronic diary, you only have to select the text that you want to delete, after that you can delete that text using the delete button and then insert a new text without any problem.

What did you teach today?

Electrical is a type of dairy device that includes an electronic clock calendar with dairy storage.

The main function of this type of electrical dairy is that it can easily track all important dates and appointments and also reminds the user of upcoming important dates and events by using a reminder message with an alarm tone.

I hope you find this article “Who invented the electronic diary?” It would have been known from who had created the electronic diary and from which country he belonged. With this article you will have got to know and learn a lot about electronic diary.

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