What is white page syndrome?

Creativity is not an ingredient that always flows to the desired beat. The moment of work can become a reason for anguish and concern when the lack of ideas results in a recurring problem.

Mental block in artistic professions

At that time, the person experiences the contradiction of having to fulfill a project that has not even begun. All the options that come to mind seem ridiculous or lack of development. In other cases, the blockage is such that the possibility of advancing does not arise.

This syndrome of the blank page can be experienced by professionals who in their daily work perform tasks framed in a plane of expression and communication. For example, a copywriter, a writer or a graphic designer. Just as a person has a crisis in their own private life, they can also suffer a drought of ideas in the professional field.

In the academic field, students have to pass this test at some point when they do a written job.

Causes of blank folio syndrome

The mind is not a machine. But, in addition, the environment itself does not take care of the talent of those creative profiles that in their work are subject to conditions and time periods more typical of a mechanical methodology. This tendency to work under pressure when the white page syndrome occurs causes the opposite effect to that desired because the rush is very uncomfortable.

This syndrome can not only be caused by external factors, but also internal. When a professional has a work experience focused on a solid track record of several years, he is more demanding of himself than at the beginning of his career. From his current position, he observes nuances and details that were not so important before. This desire for perfectionism can boycott the writing of the first word of a new article.

The mood itself is closely linked to the productivity of ideas. Some situations of vertigo before the blank page are caused by a difficult intimate situation when mental attention is completely overwhelmed by worries.

How to act against white sheet syndrome

Generally, this negative circle is broken precisely by the beginning. Once the author has taken the first step of blurring the folio void with the first words, he progresses appropriately. One of the risks of creative professions is that the goals associated with the organization of time can be somewhat diffuse. For example, a PhD student has been able to spend many days reading books and research sources on his topic of interest, but has not written anything yet.

It is advisable to translate creativity into quantifiable data. For example, the PhD student can set the pace of writing a thousand words a day during a specific period. Although creative works are more flexible because they leave a greater margin for improvisation, routine is a factor that can condition the desire of those who feel that the quantity exceeds the quality and significance of their works


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