What is the Ishikawa diagram?

There are different management tools that an entrepreneur can use to deepen the raison d’être of company problems. The Ishikawa diagram is an example of this. This formula is easily fixed in the mind by its visual image similar to the bones of a fish. The central body of this diagram represents the main issue to be addressed.


Solve the problem through the origin

Just as the scientific field puts the cause in constant relation with the effect it produces, this diagram also starts from this sequence. This method that has become a benchmark in the field of business for its simplicity and efficiency is a creation of Kaoru Ishikawa.

There are different types of factors that can produce some kind of problem or effect to be treated in the organization. In that case, to perform this exercise in a personalized way you have to narrow your treatment field with your own thesis.

Then, you can perform the process of listing the list of causes that may create that consequence. To deepen the very essence of the reasons for this brainstorm it is recommended that you specify the basis of each option in relation to its effect.

The very nature of this process helps the company to evaluate the data around the subject matter and draw conclusions. This exercise makes sense whenever it is essential for the management of a situation to attend to the origin to arrive at new ways of proceeding thereafter.

This dynamic can be done as a team, being a starting point for the sharing of ideas and collaborative attitude. All together should limit what are, most likely, the objective motives of those described above that cause that effect. This research work must be carried out through a confrontation of the data that arises from the observation and the collection of information.

Management measure to make changes

An obstacle may be the result of a sum of several factors and not one. This is one of the hypotheses for which this methodology has so much value since it connects with the complexity of the company itself where the whole and the parts are in a continuous interdependence.

However, the constant link between cause and effect must lead us to the conclusion that in order to specify the reasons effectively, previously, it is essential to synthesize what is the consequence that is interfering in the development of the organization. The priority purpose of this process is to implement practical measures and this is only viable when the Ishikawa diagram is done correctly from beginning to end.

From this structured information in the form of a diagram, the entrepreneur has the opportunity to have a global context map in which he can classify several elements around a common theme, in addition to being able to reach new opportunities through the identification of needs and solutions.


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