Which Mexican players are in Dream League Soccer

En Dream League Soccer you meet the vast majority of football teams in real life, so you will be able to add your favorite players to your squad. The Mexican national team is one of the most sought after, and you probably want to know which of their players are available in DLS.

Well, in this Dontruko article you will find out about which mexican players are in Dream League Soccer, and how to get them.

Which Mexican players are in Dream League Soccer

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The Mexican soccer team is made up of several players from different categories, and all of them are available at Dream League Soccer. If you are interested in completing it, it is normal that you want to know which ones appear, to make sure you have them all.

That is what we are going to tell you in the next few lines, where We will talk about the record of each of these players according to your assessment.

Lowest rated Mexican players

The ones we list below are the players of the Mexican team that has a lower rating in the game compared to others of a higher category:

  • Eugenio Pizzuto: With an average rating of 62, this player participates as a midfield defender and is a substitute in the game.
  • Johan Vasquez: his rating is 66 points, and he plays as a central defender.
  • Diego Lainez: He also has an average of 66 points, and his role is as a right midfielder.
  • Jose Macias: is one of the strict players of DLS, and his rating is 69. While he was present, he was participating as a striker, but was later removed as he was not licensed, so if you have him, don’t remove him.
  • Nestor Araujo: his valuation reaches 70, his position is central defender and he is a starter in Dream League Soccer.

Top rated Mexican players

The players of Dream League Soccer they are distinguished by their valuation, and this makes the colors of their chips different. The following are the Mexican players who have cards or blue cards currently available:

  • Erick gutierrez: having an average of 71, he participates in the game as a midfielder and is a substitute.
  • orbelin pineda: He is one of the players that was added with the last update, with a rating of 72 and a left midfield position.
  • Edson Alvarez: his average is 73 points, and his participation is as a defensive midfielder, being a starter in DLS.
  • Andrés Guardado: With his score of 76, his position is defending midfielder.
  • Top 3: Jesús Corona and Raúl Jiménez have a rating of 77, and they are right midfielder and forward respectively. For his part, Hirving Lozano is 78, and plays as a right midfielder.


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