Which charger do you need for Samsung Galaxy S21?

The flagship manufacturer decided not to include a charger in the box for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ and Galaxy S21 Ultra, which may have shocked loyal Samsung users.This follows Apple’s big move to remove the charger from the iPhone 12 series and beyond, forcing consumers to use a pre-purchased charger or buy a new one.

So now you’re probably wondering what you should be looking for in a charger. We have listed everything you need to know when buying a new Samsung Galaxy S21 charger.

Galaxy S21 charger: how many watts do you need?

If you’re moving to the Samsung Galaxy S21 series , you’ll find some great upgrades and one big downgrade: the removal of the charger as one of the free services. Instead, Samsung only gives you a USB-C cable to transfer data or connect to your existing charger.

The most important thing when buying a charger or reusing an old one is to make sure it is fully compatible.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S21 range is compatible with USB-C chargers that support USB Power Delivery 3.0, up to 25Wor Quick Charge 2.0.
  • Chargers under 25W will workbut will charge your phone much more slowly.

This also applies if you choose to charge it through your laptop or other device. Therefore, be sure to check the charger’s capabilities to enable super-fast or fast charging features on your device.

At 25W charging, a 30-minute charge will provide about 50 percent of battery life.

What types of chargers work with the S21?

After checking the right power for your Galaxy device, you can now choose among different types of chargers that suit your lifestyle and convenience:

  • Wall chargers:Wall chargers come with a brick that acts as a plug to connect to a wall outlet with a USB port on one end. These chargers are the most common of the types of chargers and will usually give you the most charge for your phone. The Samsung Galaxy S21 supports wall chargers up to 25W for fast charging.
  • ExternalBatteries: Batteries are portable power sources for charging any battery-powered devices such as mobile phones. They usually provide power below the 25W required for fast charging, but they are good as a backup power source. Your best bet is to look at Samsung-approved power supplies for your Galaxy S21.
  • Wireless chargers:Wireless chargers or inductive chargers are becoming more popular as platforms that charge your phone when you place it on top or place it on the charger’s designated spot. Wireless charging helps keep your smartphone’s power outlet from wearing out and prevents overheating as it automatically turns off when your device is fully charged. It delivers about 15 watts of power.

How to find the right charger

A good charger doesn’t have to speak for itself. There are forums on the Internet where you can get reliable feedback about a product after testing it.

Some of the defining factors of a good charger are its reliability and durability, good output voltage regulation, soundproofing, and built-in certification, marked with CE, MFI, and RoHS symbols on the charger unit or case.

Even if you decide not to buy an official Samsung charger, it’s still worth choosing a well-known brand and not one of the cheap models you find on places like Ebay. Or, of course, you can use the charger from your old phone.

Use an old charger with S21

While it’s disappointing not to have a charger in the S21’s box, Samsung believes most users will already have one (or more), and they’re probably right. The S20 had a 25W charger, and most other phones over the past few years have had 15-25W chargers, sometimes more. You may not need to buy a new charger at all.

And if it’s your first time switching to a Samsung device, you may need help getting used to One UI. Be sure to check out our tips and tricks for using this software to get up to speed quickly.


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