Where to find all the tools in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Where to find all the tools needed to upgrade equipment – slings, crossbows, and so on

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, you can find 24 tools that are needed to upgrade all the equipment you have (slings, crossbows, and so on). In order to get multiple achievements and achievements, you must fully upgrade all 5 items of equipment. This will take a total of 30 tools. Progress carries over to New Game+, so use that to find a few more tools and fully upgrade your gear.

You will also receive one tool from each secret chest you find and open in the game. There are 10 chests in total, which means 10 additional tools. As a result, a total of 34 tools are obtained, which is enough to improve all available equipment in one playthrough.

Unlike other collectibles, tools can actually be skipped: you won’t be able to collect them all through the Chapter Select menu. They simply will not be taken into account in subsequent chapters. The reason is that completing the previous chapter resets all tool progress to what it was at the beginning of the chapter, so you will have to replay all subsequent chapters as well. Therefore, the easiest way to fully upgrade gear in case of missing any tools is to launch New Game +, where all progress is transferred.

Chapter 3

Tool #1

  • Goal: leave the city.

After unlocking the new saltpeter projectile, use it on the next three enemies to put out the fire and let the rats eat them. After climbing the stairs, light the brazier to get rid of the rats. When you go up the next stairs, you will see a side room with a large chest containing a tool.

Tool #2

  • Objective: Get to the herbalist’s forest.

Get to the village with rats and enemies. The last building on the left has a large tool chest (look around it before you see three people coming out of the big gate). Light the nearby torch to search the chest.

Chapter 4

Tool #3

  • Objective: Return to Luke.

In the workshop, when you unlock the resin that can be used in crafting, go to the end of the room to meet Luca. Climb up the stairs where Luca was, go through the platform with the barrel that Luca used. On the other side, look for a chest with a tool.

Tool #4

  • Objective: Meet Joseph at the ferry.

After the cut-scene, you will find yourself in a large area with enemies. In the center of the location there is a large fire, around which opponents walk. You will pass it anyway. The fire is hard to miss. To the left of the big fire is a tower with an archer. There is a tool box hidden inside the building. Throw a pot of resin at the chest and light the flammable substance to get rid of the rats (but don’t throw the pot directly at the chest or you’ll take fire damage later). You can throw another portion into the burning resin to increase the ignition radius.

Chapter 5. After us

Tool #5

  • Objective: Go through the construction site.

Wait for the moment when you need to help Luka by shooting from the sling into the fence. After that, set fire to the haystack to regroup with Luca. In the place where the haystack hangs, there is a chest with a tool. Shoot Ignifer at the haystack and quickly open the chest, grabbing the tool before the fire goes out.

Tool #6

  • Goal: find a way to get to the boat.

When you break the metal chain with a counterweight shot, duck down and make your way under the house. Find a hole near the house that leads to the other side, to a large tool chest.

Chapter 6

Tool #7

  • Goal: find a way out.

Once in the quarry, go along the right path and look for a place in the dead end where Hugo can get through. Give him a command and he will open the door. Behind it there is a large chest with a tool.

Tool #8

  • Goal: get to the building.

After leaving the quarry and getting into another location with enemies, go up the hill in the center. To do this, use the ledges located around this hill.

Tool #9

  • Objective: Leave the workshop.

When you can control the rats, follow the path to the right to find a hut with two burning torches. There is a locked door inside it. Go behind the house and fire your sling through the window to hit the lock on the inside of the door. Return to the main entrance and open this very door to find a large box with a tool and other items.

Chapter 7. Criminals

Tool #10

  • Goal: Get to the shipwreck.

When you push the cart with the burning brazier through the caves, on the left side, look for a separate room with a large chest, inside of which the tool is hidden. Shoot the Ignifer projectile at the brazier in front of the chest with a sling, thereby scaring off the rats.

Tool #11

  • Purpose: to get to Sofia boat.

During the encounter with the enemy in the fishing village, look around the houses on the right side to find an interactive point. Interact with her to bring down a large platform with a chest. The chest will be surrounded by rats. Use Hugo’s abilities to scare away the rodents and then go to the tool chest and 10 crafting items.

Chapter 8

Tool #12

  • Goal: Escape from the Count’s soldiers.

When, according to the plot, you will need to push the cart to climb the barn with donkeys, after lifting, look for the chest on the right.

Chapter 9

Tools #13-14

  • Objective: Follow the bird statues.

When you find yourself in an open location, having gained freedom of action, move along the bird statues until you get to the windmills on the hill (in the far right corner of the area). Inside the windmills there are several levers that allow you to turn the windmills on or off. Turn off windmills 1 and 2 and turn on windmills 3 and 4 (the third windmill is activated by default, so you do not need to enter it). Now go along the path between windmills 2 and 3 with three stone arches. This path leads to a cave. If the correct windmills are turned on and off, the cave door should open. At the end of it is a secret armor, as well as two chests with tools at once. Armor allows you to recover faster in case of injury, which will be of great help in New Game+.

Tool #15

  • Objective: Follow the bird statues.

After receiving the secret armor, get out. After the windmills, find some kites in the sky. Go to the building these snakes are tied to and climb up to the roof. Look for a hole through which you can shoot a box on a chain. Climb down from the roof to the balcony (not the ground), shoot the sling twice at the window to hit the metal elements holding the gate. Go inside and find the tool box.

Tool #16

  • Goal: find a way to bypass the post.

As soon as you leave the large open area with the previous collectibles, you will find yourself on the path leading up the mountain. After a short walk, you will reach a passage blocked by goats. You need to turn left, climb a small mountain and follow the path until you come across a ruined building with a goat inside. There is grass behind the building that needs to be burned. Let Hugo get inside and open the door. Interact with the tool chest hidden inside.

Chapter 10

Tool #17

  • Goal: get to the fort.

The first time you encounter enemies, you will be in a place where you need to use a crossbow to open the door. On the building with the hook point is a tool box (you will go there in the story to break open the door). The box is in plain sight and hard to miss.

Tool #18

  • Goal: get to the fort.

During the next encounter with the enemy, move along the paved path in the middle to the second destroyed building on the right hand. This building has a knife (first floor) and a tool box (second floor).

Tool #19

  • Objective: Get to the courtyard.

In the next area with enemies (the second part of the courtyard with rats), look for a chest in the left corner, at the very beginning of the section. He is surrounded by rats. To get there, you need to enter the building on the left side, pick up a stick, set it on fire, go outside and remove the yellow Odoris crystals from the walls. Create a charge, throw it to lure the rats out, and then run to the chest with the tool.

Chapter 11

Tool #20

  • Objective: Explore the rest of the dungeon.

When you need to push a burning cart, move it until you reach a dead end. Climb up the ledge on the right side to detonate the explosive barrel and clear a path further. Push the wagon forward until you see a toolbox on your left hand. There will be rats next to him, but you can throw Ignifer or Odoris to get rid of them (or throw resin into the brazier on the cart).

Chapter 13. Void

Tool #21

  • Goal: find a way to the surface.

After starting the chapter and going forward a little, you will see a new cut-scene. After that, go into the room, turn right to find an open doorway leading to a chest.

Tool #22

  • Purpose: to get to the port.

When you reach an area with enemies, look for a toolbox in the center guarded by an armored soldier.

Tool #23

  • Purpose: to get to the port.

During the next encounter with enemies, inside the church.

Chapter 16

Tool #24

  • Objective: Find Hugo.

At the very beginning of the chapter, go into the building opposite and look for an item near the workbench.



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