Where can I find and buy Roblox cards?

Roblox is one of the best titles out there today. This is due to its immense world (full of games inside) and its very cheap and convenient payment system (the Robux currency), with that in mind today the question will be answered Where can I find and buy Roblox cards?

Where Can I Find and Buy Roblox Cards? – Robux cards

For those who do not know, or are new to the game, Roblox cards are something like the Play Store gift cards (even the process that you will see below is very similar to the one used to redeem a Google Play card ) . Basically what they do is allow you to redeem them so that you get money within the game, which will depend on the amount of the card you bought.

Where can I find and buy Roblox cards?

In order for you to find and buy Roblox cards , you first have to know a few details. Number one is what they allow you to buy these cards, and that would be everything in-game and even the Premium Membership.

Since, each card depending on what it equals, will let you get limited objects and even pay for access to paid games. This is because real money can be converted into Robux , to be able to use it within the game without problems.

What these cards do is give you the opportunity to expand your experience, allowing you to become a prominent user in the game. The best thing about this payment system is that it is not mandatory (everyone buys what they want and you can even choose to get or have free Robux for Roblox without paying anything), and it also prevents theft, scams or misunderstandings.


These cards can be purchased in physical and virtual stores, such as: Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, Gamestop, Target, Game . In the event that these stores are not in your country, you should only look in local or national video game stores (in most there should be).

To make your search much easier and not spend time browsing the internet, you can go to the page called roblox.com/Giftcard. In this you will see the specifications of the cards as well as the official stores where they sell them.

All you have to do here is go to the button called ” Location” that is in the upper right corner and press it. Then in the drop-down that will appear choose your country and immediately the page will discriminate the stores where you can get your cards.

How to redeem the cards and how much do they cost?

Now that you know where you can find and buy Roblox cards, it’s time to see how you can redeem them. For this, the first thing you have to do is make sure you have logged into the account to which you want to add the money.

Then you have to go to the official Roblox page and from there to the ” Gamecard ” section, in this you will see a button where you must enter the PIN of your card (it is called “Enter PIN” ), once you have done it, click on ” Redeem ” .

Then you will get a message saying that the operation was successful, so the money should already be in your account. To be able to use this money, go to the “ Memberships ” section, where you can buy either the Premium month or simply Robux to get into the game.

The value of the cards can vary but for example for Spain there are the cards of: 10 euros, 25 euros and 50 euros. The recommendation is that you buy the 50 one at once if you have the money, since it is equivalent to 4500 robux, which you can use for a membership and so that you have a lot of money left in the game.

With the latter, all doubts about the question Where can I find and buy Roblox cards should have been resolved , and also on the operation and change of the cards. The only thing left for you to do is get out of here and go shopping at your trusted store, so that the fun begins.

Remember that for Roblox there are also promotion codes, these fulfill the same function as the cards by giving you money and objects. So you should also look in your browser How to redeem Roblox promotional codes ? and in turn, how can I get and redeem the promocodes ?, so that you always have money


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