How to clean the exterior of the car

Clean car exterior with do-it-yourself : what precautions do you need to take for a perfect job while spending the least possible?

Here are the useful tips for those who love to take care of the car by dedicating time, attention and care to it.

Quick guide to the perfect car exterior wash

Do the exteriors of your car need to be cleaned? It happens to everyone, and very often too. Do you want to restore light and cleanliness to the bodywork? The first thing to do is obviously to clean it, but how?

If you want to avoid manual or automatic car wash, even in this period of health emergency for Covid-19, you just need to have a few tools, the right place and a little desire to do. In addition, by washing the exterior of the car yourself you can also save money and exercise!

To obtain a satisfactory result and enjoy the joy of caring for the car, you can therefore choose the do-it-yourself exterior wash option. Here are all the steps.

How to clean the car exterior

Obviously, to wash the car exterior you need adequate space that allows the water to run off, without damage or inconvenience to things or people.

Once you have chosen the right location you must have the right tools at your disposal: first of all you need a car shampoo , preferably anti-halo . The trick is to use little of it and frequently change the washing water contained in the basin , another essential accessory.

Remember that if your car is black, scratches and marks will soon be visible on the exterior: the problem is not only with parking damage, but also with washing procedures. A dark car must therefore be cleaned with clean, delicate and residue-free tools .

Drying and special steps

Don’t forget to also clean rims and glasses , which will be washed with a degreasing and polishing product, and finally dried.

Always remember that one of the fundamental steps for a good result in washing the exterior of your car is drying : this procedure must be carried out carefully on each part that you have already washed and rinsed carefully. Always use a chamois cloth and finally a microfiber cloth , both of which are clean.

The last step (very important and that makes the difference) is the application of car wax : to do it best, always follow the instructions on the package carefully. Read also how to properly polish a car .

Our advice: car exterior washing is effective if carried out periodically, in order to prevent dirt from becoming encrusted. In case of stubborn residue it is good to contact a professional to avoid the risk of damage to the bodywork or plastics.


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