WhatsApp, Dark Mode arrives: how to activate it

The number of smartphone apps compatible with the popular Dark Mode continues to increase day by day: activating a dark theme that facilitates reading and rest of the eye is one of the trends that has long been favored by Android and iOS users.

A highly anticipated WhatsApp update could therefore not be missing, which makes the most used messenger in the world compatible with this reading mode. It should be noted that it is almost unbelievable how the app has remained dry of Dark Mode to date, however the development team has chosen to take the time to test the dark-themed design, before officially offering it to users. .

How to activate the dark theme of Whatsapp

However, the wait has come to an end and we can finally install the new WhatsApp update in its beta version, even before the stable version debuts within a few weeks. To do this we will have to take the APK file from our favorite app distribution site (by way of example, ApkMirror already has the necessary file available) and install it.

After this first step, all we have to do is open the app as we always do, and press on the three dots at the top right of the display. The Settings menu will appear, from which we will have to choose the Chat option and finally Theme.

Once this menu has been selected, the “infamous” Dark Mode for WhatsApp will be at your fingertips: choose the “Dark” option and finally the screen will be tinted with a shade that makes reading much more relaxing, and certainly much more suitable to a night use of the app compared to the default theme.

This novelty adds to the recent arrival of animated stickers, and opens the way for what could be another important update: the ability to transfer the account from one device to another without having to go through the classic login procedure, thus avoiding to anchor our profile to a specific smartphone.


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