What will happen if you do not activate Windows

We’ll start with such a moment as activating Windows. When you install the system, you will be prompted for a product key during the process. But everyone understands that this key may not exist at the moment, and someone is not going to acquire it at all.

Thus, we can skip entering the key and click the button below. The system, oddly enough, will not insist on entering the key.

Installation proceeds normally. The system starts to “show teeth” already in operation. But are they so scary?

So, what are the consequences of not activating the system awaiting you?

You will be reminded of activation in the settings and on the desktop by a special notification. Personalization options will not be available to you, which will not allow you to change the desktop picture (but you can put it in a different way). In general, that’s all.

How long can a non-activated system be used?

There are no restrictions in Windows 10. The system will simply remind you to activate, but the time of use will be unlimited. Windows 7.8 give a limitation on the use of the system. During this “demo mode” you need to activate Windows, otherwise access to it will be closed.Windows 10 LTSC, LTSB (corporate) also have a limitation on the use of a non-activated system.

Non-activated system performance

It works exactly the same as the activated one. There are no special slowdowns. There are no restrictions other than the personalization section.

Legal aspect

These are, in fact, the most important limitations. In theory, you are not allowed to use the non-activated version. If you read the agreement during installation, then you must have the key before starting the installation of Windows.

Of course, for home use, you can not bother much about the key, or use an activator. The issue of checking individuals for pirated software is not yet on the agenda.

But if you are a legal entity, then it is highly recommended to use legal software, and even more so not to use activators. Checks of legal entities are carried out everywhere, and you can run into large fines.

Although on the other hand – our state. the authorities will not strain their backs for a foreign IT company. But if you live in the United States, you will have to use a legal copy of the OS even at home.

In this way, we see that the use of the non-activated version does not bring any special inconveniences, except for the legal aspect.


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