What to consider when buying a NAS server

NAS server is a widely used equipment in companies and also at home. It connects to the network and can act as storage, since we can include hard drives. There are different types, prices, sizes … Let’s see what a NAS should be like and what important factors we must take into account to acquire the one that best suits what we are looking for.

What to consider when buying a NAS server

When buying any device we must carefully observe the specifications it has. We can find big differences and that translates into having greater usability and earning guarantees. Let’s see what are the main factors to consider when buying a NAS server

Number of bays

A very important point when choosing a NAS server is the maximum number of bays it has. Each bay is the hole in which we can place a hard drive and thus have more or less capacity for.

There are NAS that have from only two bays to even more than 10. We must take into account what we are really going to need and buy a device that meets expectations and not be short if in the future we are going to need it.

Maximum storage capacity

Of course the maximum storage capacity is essential. Not all bays will support hard drives of the same size and capacity. We must always keep that in mind. For example, if the bay supports disks of up to 2 TB, we will not be able to put one of 8 on it.


The RAM will provide the data transfer speed. It is an aspect that we must take into account if we are interested in having a powerful NAS server, with guarantees and thinking about the use that we can give it in the future.

A NAS to which a single person is going to connect and that could be worth having 1 or 2 GB of RAM is not the same as another that we are going to install in a company or organization where 6 or 7 people are going to connect and we would have to opt for something higher, such as 4 or 8 GB.


It is another important part of any device and it is that of a NAS server. The processor will also be essential to achieve better performance and that all the processes that we carry out are carried out as quickly as possible and without problems.


Connectivity can be something of a difference between one NAS server and another. Some have USB 3.0 ports , so it gives us more speed when transferring files from another device and also being able to connect additional equipment.

Regarding the possibility of having an Ethernet port , it is another point that must be present. If you have multiple ports, the better. Also, it is important that they are Gigabit. Some models also include HDMI ports, very useful for connecting to a television or monitor.

Energy consumption

In general we can say that energy consumption will be closely linked to the capacity of that NAS. A simple one, with few bays and few connected drives, is not the same as a much more complex one, where we have a large number of connected hard drives.

However, it is also a factor to look at when buying a NAS server. At the end of the day it will be a team that will be on for a long time. It is interesting to observe how much it will consume and if a model is better to save energy.

Operating system

Depending on the model, we can have one type of operating system or another. In general, we will not find great differences, but we can have some that have more programs and software that we can add and thus obtain greater functionality.

Also depending on the type of operating system we will find it easier to install updates and improve the performance of the device.

Size and shape

Not all NAS are the same in terms of specifications, as we have seen. But neither are they if we take into account only their physical appearance. Therefore, the size and shape can also be decisive according to our intentions with the device.

For example, we can choose a NAS in the form of a cube, horizontal or rack. Depending on whether we are going to use it in a company, for domestic use or the size that we are going to have. We must therefore choose which one best suits what we are looking for.


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