What things can I grow in a Minecraft garden?

In Minecraft the open world game you can create orchards and enjoy the variety of things that can be obtained from them. Additionally, each one complies with a growth process and food can be prepared from them.

What Things Can I Grow in a Minecraft Garden?

Also if you want the crop or each seed to grow quickly you can add bone powder . Below you can discover the number of things that can be grown in a Minecraft garden.

Discover the things that can be grown in Minecraft

Mainly it should be noted that within the world of Minecraft it is possible to grow different foods, each one used to produce different foods. In turn, plants produce seeds and food is a cycle, since seeds can be re-sown. Also from the food of the crops you can feed the character.

So you can grow: carrots, potatoes, beets, wheat seeds, pumpkins, watermelons, among other plants. In addition, they can also prepare cakes among others. In the first place, to be able to create the crops, you need to have the hoe which is used to plow the land . So to plow it and so that it does not become a block of earth again, you need to moisten it.

For this you have to insert a bucket of water, noting that the bucket moistens four additional buckets around it. For this reason, 9×9 crops can be made, highlighting that the water cube will be in the center.

In addition, larger crops can be made by adding another bucket of water and counting four cubes around it again . At the same time, with each bucket of water it is possible to water or grow up to 80 seeds , either from different plants or from just one. Also one of the things that can be grown are wheat seeds that can be obtained by simply breaking some leaves.

It is important to know that each seed has a different growth cycle, so when it is harvested it will give the seed and the wheat. Therefore, potatoes and carrots can be obtained in villages or by killing zombies but you have to be lucky to obtain them.

Minecraft: Seeds and foods that can be found

On the other hand, each of the potato and carrot plants has a growth cycle until the harvest is obtained. When the carrots are ready, they will be noticed by the tall crop and the color of the carrots is bright orange.

At the same time, it should be mentioned that beet seeds can be found in abandoned mines . In addition, with any tool that is enchanted with fortune three you can get more than what you give, for example if you have three wheat seeds you can get six.

Additionally you can find pumpkins and watermelons , also for it to grow you need to have a block of land or grass next to it. Watermelon seeds can be found in abandoned mines and pumpkin seeds are found exploring the worlds and also in the mines.

Within Minecraft you can also find sugar cane around lakes and rivers, they are found in land with grass or red sand. In addition, sugarcane needs water on one side and on an incline when grown.

You can also find sweet blackberries or sweet berries which are always located already with their cultivation and to harvest them simply right click and ready later you can sow it.

In short, there are several plants that can be found within Minecraft, you can also find “algae”. Which need a whole bucket of water to grow it, since they are located in the oceans. You can also find the “bamboo”.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we’d like to hear from you. Have you learned how to garden in Minecraft? What other Minecraft features do you know about? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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