What steps do you need to follow to completely uninstall Chromium from your PC?

Sometimes this browser is secretly installed on our computers. This comes because, when installing any other program , having access to the internet. The programs make us download files that are necessary and we accept conditions for it to be installed.

  • We can go to where the Chromium program icon is. When locating it, we must right click and click on ‘ open file location’.
  • In this way, we can see the folder where the application information is.
  • When we are in the folder, you will have to go back in the folders to see the folder itself and remove it completely from the system.
  • You can also learn how to  uninstall Microsoft Edge using PowerShell or CMDso you can uninstall Chromium.

But on several occasions, this process is not as easy as we say, since it usually happens that this folder cannot be deleted . If not, it may be a result of the app being used in the background. For that, you have to do another type of process to delete the folder:

  • When we cannot delete the folder, it is due to a conflict that the browser is using. For this, open Task Manager
  • In the ‘ Task manager’, we can see and monitor various areas of the computer. But we opted for the ‘Processes’ tab
  • In this window, we will search for the Chromium application. But in very remote cases, it can appear as Chrome to hide itself. Right click and hit End task
  • In this way, the application will be closed completely. After this, you can proceed to delete the folder completely without any inconvenience.

How can you identify if there are lagging temporary files?

After we have uninstalled the Chromium program, we can somehow see if there are still temporary files left to be removed. To do this, we can go to the ‘Executor’ by pressing the ‘Windows + R’ keys  and typing the %Appdata% command will be directing us to a folder.

In this folder, we can proceed to Delete temporary files from the computer . But to do it on the Chromium browser, we must enter a series of Subfolders , which are: Appdata/ Local/ Google/ Chromium/ User Data/ Default/ Chache. In this way, you will be able to see all the temporary files that will be residing here.

How to remove temporary files from Chromium?

In the process, we can make Chromium temporary files completely disappear from the computer. Since each browser has temporary files , these will appear every time we use it, and they will be saved in a folder on the computer corresponding to the browser

To get rid of these files, we have to enter the subfolder path that we indicated in the previous point That is to say, that the path: Appdata/ Local/ Google/ Chromium/ User Data/ Default/ Cache is the one you will use to delete these files, once you get rid of these you will no longer have a slower computer.

Another way to get rid of these annoying files is that when the browser is removed from the system, all files related to this program will be removed automatically.

Thus, you can save yourself a lot of work of doing it manually and at once, you will be getting rid of the troublesome Chromium browser . Of course, we can also download, entering the official Chromium website and becoming the official service if we change our minds and now prefer to have it on each of your devices.


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