What other games are there like Clash of Clans?

Today we are going to talk about other games like Clash of Clans , in short the most similar games that we can find available for mobile devices and luckily, there are many. Clash of Clans is quite popular, it is a strategy title that allows us to create our army and face other players, among other things. But as you might imagine, it is not the only game that exists in this genre.

We can find a large number of games of this class and we will see all those alternatives a little further down. Believe me, after seeing this list, you will have many hours ahead to enjoy on your mobile device.

Alternatives to Clash of Clans

We are going to see a list of games that share similarities with the popular Clash of Clans , so that in this way you have many games to enjoy the same genre, luckily we can find several.

Battle beach

The world is in chaos, bandits are everywhere in Battle Beach and the law of the strongest is perfectly applied. The only areas left in this lost world are a few tropical islands.

You must create powerful alliances and build your own civilization where you can live in peace, harmony and under the law and order that the world once had. The problem is, the bandits won’t leave you alone. You can build your city, make it grow, defend it, create dense and strategize in real time against other opponents who do not want to let you grow, who want to kill you.

Total Conquest

Total Conquest is a very interesting game where the social section is essential, but without neglecting the strategy. You will be a Roman governor who must create his own city and obviously his army. In this way, you will have to make it evolve and grow enough to face different situations.

Caesar has died and you will have to join a legion or create your own to face your enemies, take care of your lands and achieve progress in this quite interesting title and above all fun. Not only are you going to have to create your own city and grow it, you must defend it from enemy attacks while planning your own attacks, it is an entertaining and complicated game that requires a lot of patience and planning.

Similar games to Clash of Clans

Jungle heat

Jungle Heat is a game that is available for both iOS and Android , even for social networks. Here you will have to free the native wealth by taking it away from those looters who all want is to accumulate wealth for themselves.

You will have to face quite large battles, in huge and wild jungles that can bring you one or another surprise, create huge buildings and a city for those people you will have to protect.

Castle clash

A game of strategy and fantasy. Castle Clash offers us different kinds of characters, including elves, dwarves, robots, even some impressive beasts. In this title we are going to have to create our own empire and make it grow.

Facing different enemies and other players, you will have to make your town become that, a powerful empire . This will not be a simple task at all, but without a doubt, the road ends up being very exciting and fun.

Clash of Lords 2

Clash of Lords 2 as its name implies, it is the second part of an interesting title that has everything you need to entertain you for a large number of hours.

Basically you will have to face a large number of enemies posing them face with a clear strategy. The second installment of this important title has very interesting news that make it superior to its predecessor. So we recommend you try it without a doubt.

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