What is Windows Insider program

Currently, Microsoft gives certain users the task of testing new versions of their Windows system. Thus, so-called “Insiders” can access functions and features in order to detect faults. If you wonder what is it, what is it for and how does the Windows Insider program work? , then this article will be very useful for you.

What is the Windows Insider program, what is it for, and how does it work?

Windows Insider is a collaborative program that allows developers and private users known as “Insiders” to work together. The application is a great strategy by Microsoft to release official versions with fewer glitches. Next, we explain what Windows Insider consists of, its attributes and its functionality.

 What is Windows Insider?

Windows Insider is a Windows 10 pretest program created by Microsoft in 2014. This service is free and allows users to test new versions of the operating system and its functionalities in order to report bugs.

In this sense, the Microsoft team is in charge of debugging the flaws before launching an official version on the market, which allows them to save millions of dollars. Windows Insider is considered a “collaborative operating system” through which users can subscribe to work testing for this important company.

We could say that it is very similar to being a beta tester for Android applications , but in this case it is specifically for Windows.

What is Windows Insider for?

Windows Insider is used to test new builds of Windows 10. Every so often, a group of users or “Insiders” are dedicated to reviewing the system functions and their changes in order to detect if there are any faults or errors.

In addition, Insiders can report their experiences, ideas, and opinions on new features to benefit Microsoft.

What are the benefits of being an Insider?

One of the advantages of being an Insider is that you can have an official and free version of Windows 10. However, the Insider receives a trial version regardless of the ring to which they have subscribed. It is important to note that the Insider knows first-hand the news that Microsoft offers before they are published in the market.

What are the downsides of being an Insider?

One of the downsides of being an Insider is that the trial versions you receive are not completely stable and may have bugs and glitches. On the other hand, the company offers updates continuously so the Insider is obliged to download them, restart the computer and accept the changes.

How does Windows Insider work?

Windows Insider is divided into six rings and each one is related to a level of stability. The most unstable levels are called “Alpha”, while the most stable levels are known as “Beta” .

Three Windows Insider rings are available only to internal Microsoft employees. These are called Canary Ring, Windows and Devices Group Ring, and Microsoft Ring.

  1. Canary Ring: In this ring, developers test features for the first time and submit their proposals to Microsoft.
  2. Windows and Devices Group Ring: This ring receives all the functions and features that were approved by Canary Ring.
  3. Microsoft Ring: Microsoft Ring is the ring where the rest of the employees and developers carry out their testing work to detect all the errors and defects of the system.

Windows Insider’s Three Public Rings

Windows Insider also has three other rings that are available to members of the “Insider program”. These rings are called Fast Ring, Slow Ring, and Release Review.

  1. Fast ring : This ring is the most unstable and has a high number of Insiders so there is a greater movement.
  2. Slow ring : The slow ring is a midpoint where the most stable functions are directed.
  3. Release Review: In this latest ring, Insider receives the latest cumulative updates to a stable release just before it is officially released on the market.

Either way, if for any reason you want to quit this program, keep in mind that you can exit the Windows 10 Insider program at any time.

On the other hand, if you are really interested in this type of testing, in addition to testing Windows and Android applications, you can join other more specific options, such as being a WhatsApp beta tester . In fact, many developers present these types of options.


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