What is Wifi Mesh Network?

Currently, homes and offices have a wide variety of devices that make it essential to carry out daily tasks; for example we have several televisions, computers, tablets, mobiles, smart speakers; all linked to the same router. But, how to use the WiFi Mesh network to have good internet connections.

Sometimes the connection can be difficult , especially if the area to be covered is very large or if each member of the family group has several connected devices; That is why, in these times, Wi-Fi wireless connectivity has gained ground.

Wifi repeaters help us to extend the connection to the most remote places of our home and especially Wifi Mesh networks will do it in a very efficient way ; That is why below, we will explain the most important aspects of this type of network.

What is the Wifi Mesh Network?

In English the word Mesh means mesh and many people also call them wireless mesh networks, mesh Wi-Fi networks, mesh networks and even mesh Wi-Fi systems, we will call it Wi-Fi Mesh; that is, it is a network that has a router and several access points called nodes or satellites.

However, its main difference between a Wifi Mesh network and one with conventional repeaters is that the satellites are connected to each other allowing it to move from one to another, communicating continuously; with a single Wifi network and offering excellent coverage.

Another difference is that it would not only take into account the proximity but also how saturated the network is, if a node has fallen, it would connect us to another and therefore we would always have the internet connection, thanks to the strategic placement of the satellites that help to keep the signal; the same network identifier SSID and password are kept.

What is a Wifi Mesh Network for?

Basically they serve to expand the signal and that the Wifi connection can reach the space or land that has to be covered, either at home or in the office; made up of a central station or router and the different satellites that are responsible for expanding coverage.

These communicate with the central point that is also connected to the router and between them, in this way Wifi Mesh offers a single network in the covered area ; This is because they are smart devices optimizing the connection everywhere and reaching places where it did not go before.

How does this type of network work?

The size and design of Wifi Mesh devices are excellent for placing them in any corner, either at home or in the office, they are usually connected to electricity and later to the original router either by Ethernet cables, via Wifi or to another Wifi Mesh point; in this way, a mesh or wireless network is created covering a greater surface.

A single point can cover about 50 meters but if they are combined it reaches more than 300 depending on the model, its speed depending on the band, allows Wi-Fi connections of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz ; Wifi Mesh generally comes configured in a simple way and similar to that of smart plugs.

However, it is necessary to set up our network through an application, because it is necessary that both the router and the satellites are compatible; once it has been paired, it will send the wireless signal from the original router without problem.

There are several distributors and manufacturers of Wifi Mesh systems to create a network, but perhaps the most used is Google’s, with the advantage of being able to configure the network through the mobile phone and with the Google Home application; in addition, the points can be configured independently.

Finally, the great advantage of being able to install a Wifi Mesh network is concluded, because as we have seen, it allows you to have internet throughout your house or in the area where you are, no matter how extensive it may be; in addition, it is cheaper and easier to install.


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