What is Stream Ripping

We are living in an era where technology advances without limits, in turn, many people make these advances a way to generate income. For this reason, videos or live broadcasts are very popular, this is known as stream, but what is it, what is it for and how does Stream Ripping work? , you will discover the answer in this article.

What is Stream Ripping?

Streams or live broadcasts are videos that are made through computer platforms with the aim of sharing something, and in turn, receive a profit or generate income. This is why Stream Ripping is a practice that allows making a recording in mp3 or mp4 format without the consent of the creator of the transmission.

This practice known as Stream Ripping is very popular and used to download such illegal content network, and then distribute or use it without internet connection. More than 30% of Internet users use it, and with a percentage of 49%, it is used by young people between the ages of 16 and 24.


What are these live broadcasts for?

This practice is used to convert or download music files in mp3 formats and thus distribute them illegally on the network. In addition to this, downloaded files can be edited and used in videos, avoiding copyright lawsuits. However, the use of Stream Ripping is considered illegal.

When pirating music, videos or multimedia files with this practice of Stream Ripping , it is sought to avoid sanctions for the violation of copyright. With this, you can edit the downloaded music content, and then use it without advertising or play it without a network connection. This causes big losses of money to companies or licensed web pages.

How does Stream Ripping work?

Like any form of piracy, this practice is used through a series of plugins, programs, applications and even web pages created in order to perform the technique known as Stream Ripping. These in turn create a copy of any audio or video multimedia file without the owner being able to see what is happening.

The web pages that perform Stream Ripping specialize mainly in ripping information , mainly videos and music, that is, they extract the content from any other web page and convert it to a downloadable music file in mp3 format . Usually the page that suffers the most from this technique is YouTube.

Ripped content can be easily accessed by third parties. This is possible thanks to the use of the URL entry where the content is available and through a plugin that works in a similar way.

Judicial statement against the use of Stream Ripping

In Spain, the Association for the Management of Intellectual Property Rights (AGEDI), has held a court in Barcelona with which it has managed to block or suspend various pirated websites.

The judgments against these pages make them remain closed until their administrators request the licenses of the converted documents. So your addresses, sub addresses, IP, URL, proxy or any other way that allows the free passage of information will be blocked.

As we see in this article, Stream Ripping is a very common practice today, but such practice is illegal and is considered a violation of copyright . There are currently heavy penalties for those who practice Stream Ripping. So, if you liked this article, discover other features on this page and share this post with your friends.


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