What is a mesh WiFi network

Lately we hear more and more often about mesh WiFi networks . But what are they and what are they for? The WiFi mesh network is basically used to expand the wifi signal by covering large spaces. Unlike normal network wifi repeaters that repeat the router signal in the WiFi mesh system , devices are added that behave as if they were WiFi access points . These devices then connect to the central home router.

A series of subnets connected to the central network is then created (a mesh system means mesh system and makes the idea perfectly).

A mesh wifi network must necessarily have at least one main router and one or more mesh devices. One mesh device is connected to the main router (usually via Ethernet cable) while the others will connect via wifi.

So in conclusion a WiFi mesh network is a network inside which devices are inserted (for example Amazon Eeero, Netgear Orbi) which act as independent access points and which will act as a bridge with the central access point; these devices may have different SSIDs from the home router.

Mesh WiFi network devices

There are many manufacturers of mesh devices, in this review I tried Amazon’s eero mesh devices that offer a secure and reliable connection at a relatively low cost and totally controllable from an  eero app  available for iOS and Android. Google has also produced mesh WiFi devices that are very similar to Amazon’s.

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