What is the syntax to use the IM.LOG2 and IM.LOG10 function in Excel?

Excel is a non-free program that was developed since 1985 by the Microsoft company . This is one of the most used tools in terms of PC programs, due to its great contribution.

Among the options that can be made in Excel is the use of the IM.LOG2 and IM.LOG10 functions . They are part of the functions that are specialized for engineering work and calculations within the program.

Therefore, below, we will explain how to use the IM.LOG2 and IM.LOG10 functions IN Excel and their most relevant fundamentals.

Use and application of the IM.LOG2 function in Excel

To use the IM.LOG2 function, it is important to know that it is in charge of calculating or developing logarithms in base 2. It is based only on complex numbers, which is why it is categorized within the classification of Engineering functions.

It uses as a mandatory argument the term in Number, which is the complex value from which the determined logarithm will be calculated. Both the function and its components are based on the text format x + yi or x + yj .

In manual calculation, this function has a more extensive formula, with specific values ​​to get the corresponding result. Therefore, using this function in Excel is a way to greatly simplify the formula.

It is also important to know that this function is applicable for complex numbers, not for imaginary and real numbers. For the latter, the common LOG function is used, which performs the logarithm calculation for its established bases.

However, real and imaginary values ​​can be changed into complex values, using a specific function to achieve this. This is the function known as COMPLEX , which is also categorized within the section of Engineering functions.

Excel also offers you the COMBINAT function to make combinations of elements or data in an Excel sheet. It helps to create groups of information, which is very useful when we are working with many values ​​that are very important.

On the other hand, there is the AMOUNT.RECEIVED function , which is quite useful to record data that has been obtained. It is widely used by entrepreneurs, people with businesses or entrepreneurs who are venturing into their projects, receiving their first income. We invite you to try the IM.LOG2 function to calculate the logarithms of your complex values.

Use and application of the IM.LOG10 function in Excel

Like the IM.LOG2 function, IM.LOG10 is based on the calculation of logarithms of complex numbers. However, in this case, the logarithm is based on 10, which implies other somewhat different characteristics.

Likewise, the value of Number is used as a mandatory argument , similar to the other functions of the Engineering category. This value will be from which the logarithm based on 10 that is applied with the aforementioned function is calculated.

It also has a manual formula that is longer and more complex, with many values ​​and more in-depth math operations. For this reason, IM.LOG10 is a simple representation of this formula within the Excel program, which interprets it successfully.

To get the complex values ​​for this function, it is also possible to transform the real and imaginary ones into that specific type. This is possible with the COMPLEX function , and it goes a long way to changing the factors for Engineering functions.

Its expression in the formula bar is = IM.LOG10 , and then place the value of Innumber between the respective parentheses. They also have to carry quotes, since this is the way the function processes the data used.

As long as all the important features mentioned above are taken into account, the IM.LOG10 function will be able to work fully. Its use is quite simple, like many other functions and formulas that are very fundamental to the Excel program.

Another important tool in Excel is the paste special , to manage the information on the sheet. With this possibility, certain content can be transferred from one cell to another , in order to adjust the data quickly.


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