What is the most important thing for you in a gaming mouse

Anyone who wants to gamble on the PC needs one: a mouse. And with Logitech, Razer, Roccat, and many other manufacturers, there are plenty of options for gamers. But what is the most important thing for you in a gaming mouse? DLPrivateServer wants to know that from you in a survey.

Every gamer needs a gaming mouse on their PC that they can play well with. Because all important movements and actions are performed with this device. But gamers have very different ideas and wishes when it comes to their favorite mouse.

Here at DLPrivateServer you have already talked heatedly about a gaming mouse for 300 euros. Many readers give very little thought to the gaming mouse being featured because it lacks important functions such as the mouse wheel or additional buttons. This is how DLPrivateServer reader JensSigle writes about the actual gaming mouse:

A (high-quality) gaming mouse needs at least 2-3 extra buttons for quick knife, grenade, and gun switch, then two buttons on the mouse wheel for mouse speed, because otherwise you’ll have to configure it again for each game. Very important for snipers, as mouse speed tends to slow down. Then another RGB light as feedback for the set mouse speed. The correct shape and size, better adjustable and the price of € 75 – € 190. Next comes the weight and not the wireless mouse, important!

This is what we want to know about you today: What is the most important role for you when buying a gaming mouse? Here are some thoughts we want to give you on the way to the questions:

  • Do you prefer to bet with a light mouse or do you prefer to have a “block” in hand? Or do you prefer it when you can even set the weight to your liking?
  • How important is ergonomics to you? Do you play with a pure right-handed mouse or do you have a symmetrical mouse that can also be used for left-handed gambling?
  • Do you want a mouse that offers you many options through software, where you can adjust every bit of your mouse? Or are the game options enough for you?
  • Do you want your mouse to look stylish, be it the Ferrari of gaming mice and stand out from other gaming mice, or do you prefer a purist mouse and just want to focus on pure gaming features?
  • Are you an MMO gamer and need a lot of buttons that you can configure however you want, or do you prefer the absolute minimum of buttons and mouse wheel?
  • Some users love wired mice, others prefer wireless mice. Which mouse is best for you?

At DLPrivateServer we present you the best gaming mice you can buy today.

Many factors play a role in a gaming mouse

If you want to buy a gaming mouse, you will find many options on the market. Because manufacturers, for example, rely on very different styles and offer very different functions.

While some mice offer 10, 12 or more buttons and want to appeal to complex MMO gamers, other manufacturers offer small, lightweight mice that are primarily intended to convince shooter gamers.

With Logitech Lightspeed or Razer Hyperspeed, there are now techniques that want to make wireless mice as latency-free as possible.

DLPrivateServer has already tested some gaming mice for you:

  • Holife gaming mouse in the test: What can a gaming mouse do for 30 euros?
  • Roccat Kone Aimo Remastered: The Editors’ Recommendation In The Test
  • Razer Naga Pro – Razer’s extremely versatile gaming mouse for MMO and shooters put to the test

Your opinion is requested

How can I vote? As always, you can make your choice in the voting tool in this article. You can also discuss with other readers in our article. You can choose up to six points. Thanks for voting and having fun!

What is the most important thing to you? What function or feature does your gaming mouse absolutely need or what can it do without? Do you already have a favorite mouse? Let us know in the comments!

Want to be inspired by a particularly cool gaming mouse? A user has created a special bow mouse for his favorite character Hanzo in Overwatch. To do this, he turned his Logitech G502 into a bow. And this mouse really works, because you are successfully playing Overwatch in a video.


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