What is student union

If you are in the school environment, you may have heard of Student Guild. But if you have never heard and have no idea what that is, calm down we will explain everything in today’s post! Come with us =)

Basically, Grêmio Estudantil is a non-profit organization that represents the interests of students. He is the highest body of representation!

Guild in schools

In Brazil, with the emergence of Secondary Education, the Student Guilds were also born, whose role is to help in training and development, not only educational, but also cultural and sports. It holds debates, theatrical performances, music festivals, sports competitions, among other events.

For the Secretary of State for Education, all student representation should be encouraged, since it is a way of democratizing the School. In 1985, by an act of the Legislative Power, the operation of the Guild began to be ensured by Law no. 7,398, as an autonomous student representation entity.

Student performance

Any student can work in a Student Union and will be responsible for defending the rights and interests of other students.

Among the objectives of Grêmio is to increase student participation in activities organized by the school, while students participate in decision-making with employees, parents, teachers, coordinators and directors.

How to create a Student Union

If you want to create a Guild at your school, check out some steps that can help you!

Talk to management

As soon as the students decide to create a representative body, the next step is to notify the direction. Hence, the school disseminates the proposal to students and invites class representatives to form what we call Pro-Grêmio.

The Pro-Grêmio commission is nothing more than a group of students who are interested in creating the guild. This group prepares the proposed statute and presents it for discussion and approval by a General Assembly.

The General Assembly

It is at the General Assembly that the name of the Grêmio is chosen, how long the campaigns for the interested slates will be carried out, in addition to the date of election and approval of the Grêmio Statute.

The Assembly is a meeting of students who discuss and approve some proposal of the guild. This is also where the members of the Electoral Commission are chosen! The commission is a group composed of two representatives from each ticket, from the class and from the school’s pedagogical coordination.

Among its functions are:

  • making banknotes with the names of the plates
  • urn providence
  • vote count
  • dissemination of results

Ah! And the General Meeting must be recorded in the minutes.


Anyone interested in getting elected to the Grêmio needs to create slates to run for election. They should present proposals to improve students’ daily lives during their term of office.


When the plates are defined, the Electoral Commission promotes debates between them, which must be open to all students.


Debates held, now it’s time to vote! It is done by secret ballot and the Electoral Commission is responsible for the election. The counting of votes is carried out by the representatives of a class and must always be accompanied by two representatives from each ticket, as well as by a teacher or coordinator.

The result is disclosed by the Pro-Grêmio Commission through minutes.

Possession of the elected

For the result of the election to be made official, the Pro-Grêmio committee needs to send a copy of the Election and Statute minutes to the school board and organize a ceremony to inaugurate the winning ticket.


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