What is SMPA?

In the context of poultry development board formation
The poultry industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in Bangladesh. The poultry industry has made remarkable progress in Bangladesh for decades. The amount of investment has exceeded Tk 25 billion. Annual turnover is more than Tk 25 billion. The sector has grown at about 20 percent. However, due to the catastrophic catastrophe that the industry has suffered due to the horrific infection of birdflower last year, the environment and entrepreneurs are worried about the future of the industry. Concerned government at the same time. Because about one and a half million people are growing every year. Arable land is decreasing at an alarming rate. 

Therefore, in the face of future food security and the challenge of eliminating maternal and child malnutrition, there is no alternative to short and long term planning. Demand for poultry eggs and poultry as the source of the cheapest animal protein in the market today. For that reason, the poultry sector has not had a chance to be cut short. Poultry entrepreneurs have long been the vision of the government Trying to attract. As a result, Fisheries and Livestock Minister Abdul Latif Biswas announced the formation of the Poultry Development Board at a discussion meeting with Poultry leaders last May. It is known through the concerned ministry authorities that a decision should have been taken on this issue long ago. Because the government-approved poultry policy involved the matter. However, due to various procedural complications, the decision has been delayed.

Meanwhile, the National Coordinating Committee on Poultry (BPICC) has called for the launch of avian influenza vaccination programs across the country to protect them from bird flu. Extension of birdflower vaccination program, farm registration process’, bank loan facility of marginal villagers is urgently needed. And those who get a loan “have to calculate interest rates”. The small farms of this country are about to go bankrupt due to the violence of foreign companies. Farmers have long demanded the determination of the ceiling of the production capacity of foreign companies for the protection of domestic industries. The matter should be brought under active consideration of the government. However, it is too late, but the government deserves praise for taking such a step. However, it is necessary to work with the sincerity of the respective palace to ensure that this board structure is not limited to paper only.

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