What is smart lock on android

Android developers are introducing new useful functions into the system with each new version. However, some of them are undeservedly ignored by users. For example, when asked Smart lock on android what is it, many smartphone owners will simply shrug their shoulders. And this feature can greatly simplify your use of your smartphone and save time. And time, as you know, is never superfluous.

How regular smartphone lock works

Most of us lock our smartphone screen. After all, no one likes it when nosy neighbors, coworkers or classmates look at your phone. And they will drop in anyway, because curiosity is an integral part of human nature. But if you set a complex password or graphic code, then you yourself will be inconvenient and take a long time to enter it every time you need to unlock the device. For example, try to enter several times a password like fhsba ^ s $$ 1! Tpv.№; 2.

Namely, complex passwords are recommended by the developers to ensure security. Therefore, they had to come up with a way out of this situation. It just turned out to be a smart lock or SmartLock .

Smart lock on android what is and how it works

Smart lock is a function that disables the lock if it receives a signal that the environment is safe. These signals can be a geographic location – an apartment or a house, the voice of the owner of the phone or other trusted devices that are nearby – the system concludes that the smartphone is in a safe place. In a place that she considers completely safe. Safe enough to disable your default lock. This is very convenient because it frees you from the annoying need to do the same things there. where it is not required.

You can find smart lock activation for android in the Security menu or Lock screen . When you activate this mode, your smartphone will not turn on the lock in five cases.

Physical contact

When the device is in your hands, lies in your pocket or bag, it will not block. This is because SmartLock uses an accelerometer to remember how the phone moves in these situations. When any changes occur, for example, a sharp increase in the speed of movement compared to what is in the device’s memory, a blocking immediately occurs.

Safe places

You can set locations on the map where outsiders cannot access your device. This could be the home or place where you work, unless your colleagues are overly curious. Using a geolocation service, the phone will determine these points and will not turn on blocking while staying there.


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Reliable devices

When a person is in a familiar safe environment, they are surrounded by the same devices. A stereo system in the car, a laptop at work, a fitness tracker on your hand, any of these devices can be added as reliable and the lock will automatically turn off as soon as a connection is established between the devices. This is especially convenient for those who drive – while driving, it is very inconvenient and life-threatening to enter a complex password or pattern.

Face recognition

You can add your face to the device’s memory and when the front memory scans and recognizes it in front of you, the lock will be canceled automatically.

Voice recognition

You can record a voice sample by saying Ok, Google. After recording your voice, the system will recognize it and unlock it.

If you use a screen lock and lead an active lifestyle, the smart lock system can greatly facilitate your daily use of your smartphone. Now, when you know what a smartlock for Android is, you can easily apply 100% of this powerful technology in your work.

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To protect your smartphone from unauthorized access by strangers, we use various screen locks.

These are usually standard tools found in the Android operating system:

  • The user can set any combination of numbers and letters to unlock the screen.
  • To access, you need to dial 4 digits in the range from 0 to 9.
  • Graphic key. To unlock, you need to connect several points in a specific order.
  • A fingerprint scanner that opens access only after reading the unique fingerprint of the smartphone owner.

Each of these methods provides good protection for personal data and is able to withstand numerous hacking attempts. But there is one inconvenience. If the user frequently accesses the gadget, the constant identification process takes time, especially when it comes to a long password or a complex graphic key.

Starting with the 5th version of Android, this problem has been solved, since Google has developed a useful Smart Lock function for this purpose – it can be translated as “smart lock”. This option allows you not to block the smartphone screen, provided that it is next to the owner.

How does Smart Lock work?

With Smart Lock, your phone receives signals from your surroundings, recognizes it as safe, and does not lock the screen. The reference points for this are the user himself, his voice, trusted devices nearby, as well as physical location. Thus, the owner does not have to regularly enter personal data to confirm access.

Setting up Smart Lock

Depending on the manufacturer and Android version, this option can be enabled in the “Security” or “Lock screen” menu. After that, the smartphone remains unlocked if one of 5 configurable parameters is performed:


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Physical contact. Thanks to the accelerometer, which is available in most modern Android devices, the nature of movements is memorized, and Smart Lock does not restrict access to the display when the gadget is in a bag, pocket or hand. When changing the method and speed of movement, the technology immediately locks the phone.

Safe places. Smart Lock allows you to select multiple addresses where the smartphone will remain unlocked. For example, this can be the home address, or the user’s place of work. Using geolocation, the device identifies them as safe and will not require identification of the owner.

Reliable devices. Usually we are surrounded by the same gadgets that belong to us and support connection to our phone via Bluetooth or NFC: a car radio or a docking station in the car, a smart watch or a fitness tracker on our hand, a Bluetooth speaker, and so on. All of them can be added as reliable devices, upon establishing a connection with which the screen remains unlocked. It is especially convenient not to be distracted by entering the password while driving – the lock will be inactive in the car.

Face recognition. Smart Lock can automatically unlock your smartphone when it recognizes your face. The front camera scans the face of the user who is currently holding the device. If there is a match to the pattern, no password is required.

Voice recognition. We’ve written earlier about the great prospects that open up when using “Ok Google”. Here’s another use for this command. For smart unlock technology, an example of the owner’s voice is recorded saying “Ok Google.” Further, when this voice tag is recognized, the device will be unlocked without entering a password.

Smart Lock reliability

As we can see, the Smart Lock option is thought out, has a wide functionality and is aimed at user convenience. But when you turn on certain permissions, you should be careful, because under a certain set of circumstances, ill-wishers can still use your smartphone. For example, the device will be unlocked if it falls into the hands of a person whose face is very similar to that of the owner. The same is possible with voice protection.

New versions of the Android operating system have a feature called Smart Lock, which takes the process of locking and unlocking mobile devices to a qualitatively new level. In this article, we will tell you what this feature is and how to use it on Android devices.


What is Smart Lock

If you value the information stored on your smartphone or tablet, you probably have already managed to protect them with a pattern, password or pin code, and have also enabled encryption of personal data.

Unfortunately, all of the above methods do not guarantee that your mobile device is completely protected, because if you constantly enter the same password or use the same pattern, attackers can find out and use them in the future to steal information.

Knowing this, and wanting to improve the protection of personal data and at the same time make it easier to unlock Android smartphones and tablets, Google came up with a feature called Smart Lock.


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This function allows you to configure your Android device so that under certain conditions the screen lock is removed automatically. If you are in a “safe place”, or if there is a trusted device near you, or if an Android device sees your face, your smartphone or tablet will unlock as if it is not locked (you will not need to enter a password or pattern) ).

How to enable Smart Lock

To enable the Smart Lock function, follow these steps:

1.Go to Android Settings -> Security -> Screen Lock and select one of the screen lock methods (except Swipe).

  1. After the lock is created, go to the end of the list and select the “Trust Agents” item, then activate the “Smart Lock” item.
  2. Return to the top of the Security section and navigate to the Smart Lock menu.
  3. In the menu that opens, three options for “smart” unlocking will be available:

Trusted Devices – allows you to unlock your smartphone or tablet without entering a password if there is a familiar Bluetooth device nearby or you hold an NFC tag to the device.

Safe Locations – will allow you to unlock your smartphone or tablet without entering a password if you are within the specified area.

Face recognition – will allow you to unlock your smartphone or tablet without entering a password if the Android device has determined that you are currently holding it in your hands.

After activating one of these items, lock the device and test the Smart Lock function. Now you do not have to enter a password every time, as the Smart Lock function will automatically determine if you need enhanced security at the moment.

An example of enabling the Smart Lock function:

Reasons not to use Smart Lock

While Smart Lock can make your life a lot easier, there are good reasons not to use it. Below are some examples of why Smart Lock can harm you.

Example 1

If you have enabled location unlock and are in a “safe place”, an attacker can use this opportunity to distract you and steal your data.

Example 2

In the event that an attacker steals a smart watch or other device tied to a smartphone or tablet with Smart Lock enabled, he can steal data from it when you are distracted.

Example 3

If a smartphone or tablet has been stolen and a “smart” lock has been installed on it, an attacker can easily steal data by being close to a “safe place”.


The Smart Lock feature can make it much easier to interact with your Android device, but if you’ve enabled it, try to be more attentive. If you notice something amiss, it is better to disable this function and use the pattern or pincode the old fashioned way.

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