What is a Playback Indicator

YouTube hosting is the most popular service for watching videos on the Internet today. However, quite often many users face the problem that instead of the requested video, the error “Please try again later. Playback ID … “. YouTube, as a service providing video viewing services, in most cases has nothing to do with this problem, although there are situations related to the hosting itself. But basically it’s all about the user’s computers and settings, which have such set parameters that do not allow full synchronization with the service.

What is a Replay ID?

To determine for yourself a technique for eliminating such a failure, first you need to understand what the identifier itself is. Surely, when clicking on the link to start playback or copying it, many noticed that in the address bar after the main address, at first glance, some kind of nonsense is displayed in the form of a set of letters and numbers. This is the very identifier, in other words, the identifier that allows you to select a specific video in the service from a huge number of similar ones. At the same time, it is assigned not only to a separate video, but also to entire sections or channels. In addition, this systematization is applied to the Google Analytics service for transferring these resources to the analysis service.

Then why is the error “Please try again later.” Playback ID … “? This question baffles many users, not to mention the possible methods of solving the problem. But it is not all that bad. Actually, the very problem that the identifier is not recognized by the computer system or the player installed in the form of an add-on (although other users watch the requested video without problems), is eliminated quite simply. Based on the reasons for the occurrence of such a failure, several universal solutions will be recommended to correct the situation.

YouTube: error Please try again later. Playback ID … “. The essence of the problem

The most common reason for such a failure is not hosting or the servers that store all the information. This is due to the discrepancy between the data of the hosting and the user terminal in terms of synchronization. The most common situation is the incorrect setting of the date and time on the local computer or mobile device.

No less often the error “Please try again later. Play ID … ”is issued due to a“ cluttered ”web browser or insufficient hard disk space to save temporary files. Another reason is the browser itself used for access. Despite all its capabilities and high popularity among users around the world, Mozilla Firefox stands out in this regard. Finally, infrequently, but there is a problem related to the speed of the Internet connection.

Error “Please try again later. Play ID … “: how to fix it?

So where do you start troubleshooting the problem? In the simplest case, if the error is “Please try again later. Replay ID … ”is temporary, it is worth rebooting the computer system completely. In the case of using a wireless connection to the Internet through a router, it is also advisable to overload it by disconnecting it from the mains for about 10-15 seconds. Although some users indicate the time required for the router to be idle in a de-energized state in the region of 15 minutes. The specified interval is enough for a complete reset of the settings.

Of course, the connection speed also plays an important role. The higher it is, the faster the buffering is done, and the video is played without delays. You can watch videos at a speed of 5 Mbit / s, but, as you understand, it will be very difficult to achieve normal playback (especially if you take into account the fact that in parallel with the use of YouTube, other services or applications using network or Internet connections can work in the system in the background, when the user has no idea about the activity of these processes).


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But that’s not the point. Since the most common reason is the incorrectly set date and time, they need to be adjusted. It is not recommended to do this in Windows environment (in BIOS, the setting may not change, and the error “Please try again later. Playback ID …” will be displayed again). Thus, upon reboot, go to the settings of the primary I / O system and in the main section (Main) set the correct parameters and save the changes, after which a restart will follow.

Error “Please try again later. Play ID … ”YouTube can be displayed even if a huge amount of garbage has accumulated in the browser. This primarily concerns the cache and cookies. In this case, it is recommended to perform a complete cleaning in the settings of the application used to access the Internet.

Alternatively, you can use the so-called optimization programs, in the settings of which you need to activate the module responsible for removing the above components and the history of visits. You can find a huge number of them on the same Internet now. Among the most popular are whole combo packages like CCleaner, Advanced SystemCare, Glary Utilities and many others. User participation in optimization processes as such is not required. And almost all programs in this direction have a special one-click optimization mode, which makes their use completely simple.

As for browsers, first you should try to start playing the video in another program. The problem may be with the browser. In addition, it is imperative to check whether Flash Player is installed on the system. If it is absent or an unofficial version, you need to go to the official Adobe resource, download it from there and reinstall it, after which it is advisable to check its activation (inclusion) in the add-ons section.

You can also use a special plugin adapted for this video hosting, called Flash Player for YouTube. Do not forget about the support for HTML5, since this platform is currently the most relevant. If all else fails, as a last resort, you can reset all browser settings (for this, in any of them, use the Reset button).

In some situations, the browser as a program can be blocked by the native Windows firewall. In this case, go to its settings, create a new rule for the program and specify the full path to the executable EXE file of the browser.

In some cases, you may need to enter the Windows services section (services.msc), where you need to find the DNS client service, double-click to open the settings menu and restart it.

Advice for YouTube Hosting Channel Owners

Registered channel owners may also receive the error “Please try again later. Playback ID … “. In this case, you can use the advanced settings and the section for changing the identifier. Here we are talking about the fact that the URL link contains not some standard set of letters and numbers generated by the hosting itself, but an easy-to-remember combination invented by the channel owner.

However, to carry out such procedures, the channel must meet several requirements:

  • at least 100 subscribers;
  • at least 30 days from the date of creation and activation of the channel;
  • original design and presence of an avatar.

Similar crashes on mobile systems

This failure can also occur on mobile systems. In particular, this applies to the Android OS. Error “Please try again later. Playback ID … ”is much easier to eliminate, since the YouTube service is preinstalled on such devices.

The solution is to clear the cache of the service itself, stop the service, and then start again. It is also advisable to reboot the router, log out of the account, and after the restart of the mobile device, log in again. If this does not help, you can use a full factory reset as a last resort, but this is very rare, so, I think, it will not come to this.

By the way, as in stationary computers, do not forget about the availability of free space on the internal drive, since temporary files are saved on it. Again, the mobile versions of the optimizers mentioned above can be used to make cleaning easier.


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A few final words

These are, in principle, all the main problems and methods of their elimination. It remains to add that sometimes the situation can really depend not on the user, but on the YouTube service. Error “Please try again later. Playback ID … ”can only be displayed because of a non-existent video, for which there is a link remaining after its deletion. But, as a rule, inactive links are usually flagged, and users may not pay attention to it.

Naturally, problems related to viral exposure were not considered here, when malicious code can block access to a specific video, and to a channel, and to a playlist, and even to the service itself. The user must take care of the security of his system himself and first of all. This also applies to stationary computers and mobile gadgets, because they are all equally susceptible to viruses (with the exception of devices and software from Apple).

YouTube is the most famous and popular video viewing site around the world. But not infrequently, when watching a video, people encounter such a problem as “Play ID error” in Youtube. It is worth knowing that most often the video hosting itself has nothing to do with the appearance of such a message. It’s all about the settings of your personal computer and phone. They are the ones that prevent you from playing the file normally. Below we will explain what a replay ID is, what it means when an error appears, and how you can fix it.

What is YouTube Play ID?

When working with links, you have often noticed that when you insert it into a search engine, some strange and seemingly chaotic combination of letters and numbers is added. This is the replay ID. It allows you to select a specific video, channel, section (in YouTube) from a huge number of other files, channels, sections.

What does “Play ID error, please try again later” on Youtube means?

The appearance of such an error means that there is no synchronization between the site data and your PC, or some kind of inconsistency has appeared. Often the reason lies in the out of place date and time settings or in the loaded memory (cache) of the browser. In addition, you should not exclude the occurrence of problems due to the full memory of the hard disk.

Many users have noticed that the desync error is associated with the browser through which the site is being accessed or with problems with the Internet connection. Sometimes a failure occurs if the load on the company’s server has exceeded its strength, and it simply cannot cope with the flow of requests that has fallen on it.

How do I fix the error?

Quite often, problems that arise are temporary. That is, they can be dealt with by simply rebooting the device and router. In addition, it is worth trying:

  • Check your network connection speed. To do this, visit the Speedtest website. If the connection is weak, try contacting your service provider to find out the reason for the low data transfer rate.
  • Set the correct date and time settings.
  • Disable extensions and plugins that affect the IP address.
  • If everything is in order with the speed, then clear the cache and cookies of your browser. This can be done in the settings. For example, in Opera, cleaning is done in the “Security” section, in Chrome – in the “Tools” section, and in Mozilla – in the “Privacy” section.
  • Restart the DNS service. To do this, go to the control panel of the PC in the administration section, select services in it. Then click on the DNS client and on the “Restart” button.
  • To eliminate problems in the search engine itself, download the video through another browser.
  • Check your flash player activity. Perhaps the program has not been updated for a long time or just flew off. You can update and reinstall it on the official website.
  • Install the dedicated Flash Player Youtube plugin.
  • If you have difficulties with viewing on a mobile device, then you should clear the cache, uninstall and reinstall the application.

Do not forget that video hosting can still be associated with playback failures. For example, technical work may be carried out on it, or the file is simply not fully uploaded to the site.


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In order to remove an error, you do not need to have special knowledge or be a computer genius. Anyone can handle the tips above.

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Error. Please try again later. Replay ID – how to fix the problem.

Do you often watch YouTube videos? For example, I am constantly there. Unfortunately, sometimes unpleasant situations arise when the error “Please try again later” is displayed instead of the required video clip. Playback ID “. Yes, it can happen that the YouTube servers are overloaded or have some kind of failure. But this happens every few years. More often than not, the “root of evil” is not at all there.

In any case, you should first try to simply reload the page first. Does not show? Try playing another video and see the result. If it doesn’t help, read the article further.

Causes of YouTube Video Playback ID Error

In most cases, the root cause of the playback error on YouTube is “Error. Please try again later. Playback ID ”should be searched not on the Internet or on the provider’s network, but directly on the device from which you are trying to watch the video. In fact, there are few of them, and the most common are generally two:

The first reason is the failure of the Flash player due to which the videos stop playing at all.

The second reason is a problem with the web browser. On a computer, it occurs due to a bloated cache and a bunch of temporary files. On the phone or tablet on Android, the application simply does not have enough allocated memory and it cannot download and play videos.

Other reasons arise much less often, but they also have a place to be. This is incorrect operation of DNS, incorrectly set system time, extraneous extensions and programs that block access to video hosting.

How to fix YouTube playback error

Step 1. Update your web browser to the most recent version.

Step 2. Clear temporary files (cache) and cookies from the browser you are using. To do this, go to its settings, click on the “Clear history” button and tick the history, cookies, images and files in the cache:

To be sure, remove garbage for the entire time you use the application. Alternatively, you can use the CCleaner program , which will perfectly clean out all the trash.
On a phone running Android OS, go to the “Applications” section in the settings and find Chrome and Youtube there. For each of them, you need to delete the cache and data.

Step 3. Open the Windows Control Panel and go to the “Programs and Features” section. Here you need to completely remove Adobe Flash Player. If any other flash player is installed, remove it. After that, you need to restart your PC, download the Adobe Flash Player from the official website and install it again.

Step 4. Completely disable all browser extensions. If after that the error “Please try again later. Playback ID ”will disappear – turn on the extensions one by one and see after which one it will appear again.

Step 5. If you use various features to save traffic (for example, Opera Turbo), anonymizer or a third-party proxy server – disable them and try – will YouTube work with a direct connection:

Step 6. Check if the system date and time are set correctly. This is especially true for older computers, where the system time is constantly reset due to a dead CR2032 battery.

Step 7 . To avoid problems on the side of the DNS server you are using, try to manually register the addresses of public Google servers – and on the network card .

After carrying out the above activities, it is usually possible to fix the error with the playback ID on YouTube and the videos play without problems. If it still appears on your phone or tablet, try connecting it to another WiFi network for diagnostics, or open the video using mobile Internet access. If this error still occurs there, perform a full reset of the device settings to the factory settings.

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