What is pride

 pride is arrogance, and a feeling of superiority. The proud has a distorted view of himself, thinking that he is better than others. The Bible says that pride leads to ruin.

It is superb to think that you are superior to other people ( Jeremiah 48: 29-30 ). In the most extreme case, the proud may think he is more important than God! The proud despises the people he thinks “inferior”, not treating them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Pride is dangerous because it makes you insensitive and senseless. The proud becomes selfish and puts his own interests above “inferior” people. Instead of worshiping God, you worship yourself, despising the power of God.

The superb:

  • You think it’s worth more than other people
  • Likes to show that he is better than others
  • Humiliates who he thinks “inferior”
  • Put your will above even God’s will

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The Bible says that the punishment for pride is humiliation . The proud does not understand that his life depends on God, just like anyone else. Because of his foolish attitudes, the proud fall into disgrace ( Obadiah 1: 3-4 ).

How to avoid pride?

Humility is the solution to pride. God humiliates the proud but honors the humble ( Proverbs 29:23 ).

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We are all different. Some people are more intelligent, more beautiful or richer than others. But that does not mean that some people are superior. God blesses each person differently. For God, everyone has the same value.

We were all created in the image and likeness of God. Every life is special. But we all also sin and deserve punishment for our sins. God loves each person so much that He sent His only Son to take our punishment ( John 3:16 ). Now we can all have eternal life! When we understand this, we learn humility.

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