Can Christian women wear short hair? Is it a sin to cut your hair?

Yes, Christian women can have short hair. The Bible does not condemn cutting hair as a sin. If in your society the woman with short hair is not indecent, then you may have short hair. Hair length is a personal matter.

In the Old Testament, both a man and a woman could make a special vow to God, called the Nazirite vow. Part of that vote was to let your hair grow without cutting for a while. At the end of the vow, the person shaved all his hair and consecrated it to God ( Numbers 6: 5 ; Numbers 6:18 ).

We can learn two things from the Nazarite vow:

  1. Women cut their hair– the order not to cut their hair during the vote indicates that it was not normal for women to grow their hair without cutting at least the ends
  2. Women could shave their heads– it was rare, but a woman could shave all of her hair, usually because of a vote or in mourning; it was not considered a sin

In Corinth at the time of Paul, a decent woman wore long hair and a veil. Only prostitutes had short hair. So Paul ordered the women in Corinth to leave their hair long. But in the end he said that church members should analyze the situation and decide among themselves what was acceptable ( 1 Corinthians 11:13 ).

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Today in Brazil the woman with short hair is not identified as a prostitute or anything else indecent. The Christian woman does well to be concerned with current cultural norms, so as not to cause scandal ( Romans 14:16 ). At the same time, churches need to understand cultural changes and adapt to them. Universal rules of decency and modesty will always exist, but the definition of what is decent and modest changes. In the past, showing the ankle was indecent but a revealing neckline was no problem. Likewise what is acceptable for a woman’s hair also changes.

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Appearances are only important because of the people around us. It is not good to want to cause scandal but it is also important to talk about these issues and tolerate other styles that do not completely violate cultural norms ( Romans 14:13 ). The size of the hair is not important to God. He cares about the heart, whether you really love Him and want to follow Him ( 1 Samuel 16: 7 ). God is not going to send a woman to hell just because she prefers to have short hair.

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