What Is Loudness

Loudness is the attribute that allows us to sort sounds on a scale of the highest intensity to the lowest intensity.

The loudness is quality of the auditory sensation that allows to appreciate the greater or lesser intensity of the sounds. It is measured in fonios.


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Sound quality. “the powerful loudness of the voices” Quality of a sound produced by an instrument, a voice, a musical piece, etc. “instruments of very weak loudness; melody whose loudness increases; the difficult, almost unpleasant loudness of its name”

Other definitions

Loudness is a subjective measure of the intensity with which a sound is perceived by the human ear. That is, loudness is the attribute that allows us to order sounds on a scale of the highest intensity to the lowest intensity. The unit that measures loudness is phonium. The sound sensation of intensity (loudness) is sharpened for weak sounds, and decreases for loud sounds, which is because human hearing is not linear, but logarithmic

  1. sf Sound quality.
  2. Musicalityand harmony in the oral or written expression the sonority of a writer’s prose .
  3. PHYSICS Quality of the auditory sensation of the sound that allows to measure its intensity in sounds, from the weakest to the strongest.
  4. PHYSIOLOGY Resonancethat produces the vibration of the vocal cords .

Quote and phrase

The beauty of man is either in sonority, or in meaning. Aristotle

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