What is it and how can I play a file in MKV video format?

You have the doubt, what is it and how to play MKV video format? So you have to carefully read the following guide prepared to solve this question.

Very possibly you have come across a file in MKV or Matroska format , the truth is that it is one of the most prominent types of video formats that exist . Even so, you need a suitable player that can play them, like the ones we will present later.

What is Matroska or MKV?

MKV which is also known as Matroska is a container format , which in other words is defined as a type of file capable of containing various elements. MKV contains from the different digital audio formats that exist , to high quality video formats.

One of the main advantages of MKV is that it is completely free, since it is free software. This condition offers great advantages, since there are no limitations in relation to its use as with other similar formats. In addition, it integrates various functions and features that make it stand out from other programs of this nature.

Little by little, MKV has become one of the most popular formats in the world, motivated mainly by what we discussed above, that is, its nature of free software.

Origins of MKV

Matroska comes to light in 2003, with the intention of creating a completely free file container format, which will not present the limitations that other paid programs have. This is especially beneficial for the creation and distribution of audiovisual content , since there are no royalties to be paid to the manufacturer of the format.

The term Matroska is related to the so-called Matrioskas, which refers to those famous Russian dolls that house more dolls inside. This is closely related to what a container file does, that is, it integrates different content, both video, audio, subtitles, among others.

What is it and how can I play a file in MKV video format?

Today MKV is one of the most important formats in the world for video playback, its status as a free program makes it the choice of the vast majority of people. Even so, you have wondered how to play these types of files , then you must use one of the following programs.

Play MKV format on computers

If you are the owner of a desktop computer, then the following programs could be very useful to properly play files in the MKV format:

VLC: It is possibly one of the most recognized programs for playing multimedia files and especially videos. The program is completely free, and it works very efficiently on most computers. It is also an excellent option if you want to play content in MKV format.

Remember that you can download the latest version of VLC very easily, to start playing the MKV files you have.

Media Player Classic: It is a magnificent player, that although it has not been updated for years, it is highly recommended to play content in Matroska format. Undoubtedly a very useful tool for this type of files.

On the other hand, if you specifically have an Apple computer, then also consider some of the best video players for MacOS , with which you can play files in MVK format .

Play MKV format on mobile devices

Also for mobile device users there are great options to play content in Matroska format. Even so, without a doubt the following application is one of the best you will find for Android devices:

MX player: In the case of Android devices, we have one of the best players out there, with which you can surely play videos and movies in MKV format without any problem. It should also be noted that MX Player has many configuration options that could be very useful.


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