What Is Ethambutol

Ethambutol is a medicine that has as its active substance Etambutol Hydrochloride.Its active substance acts against the tuberculosis-causing microorganism, stopping its multiplication and decreasing the symptoms of the disease in a few weeks.Ethambutol is used orally and to be effective it should be taken in combination with other antituberculosis medicines.

Ethambutol indications

Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Ethambutol Side Effects

Nausea; increased blood uric acid; decreased blood platelets; reduction in visual ability;itching; joint pain; pain in the abdomen; uneasiness; Headache; vertigo; mental confusion;tingling sensation; drop; skin allergy.

Contraindications of Ethambutol

Pregnancy Risk C ; lactating women; Hipersensibility to any of the formula’s components;children under 13 years.

Ethambutol Directions for Use

Oral Use (Used in combination)  


Initial treatment for subjects who have not received another antituberculosis drug should be administered with 15 mg per kg bodyweight as a single dose every 24 hours. For individuals who have already received another antituberculosis drug, 25 mg per kg Etambutol body weight is recommended as a single dose every 24 hours.


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