What is Coconut Candy?

Coconut is a favorite ingredient in many candy recipes. There is not a single coconut candy, but rather an almost inexhaustible list of coconut candies that are made all over the world. Coconut can be mixed with nougat, married with chocolate, covered with other delicious glazes, in pieces with walnuts, or used in many other ways. People looking for coconut candy in stores are likely to find quite a few things, and many people make their candy at home.

Types of commercial coconut candy include things like Mounds and Almond Joy bar at the Company’s Peter Paul Manufacturing. Most are familiar with this company’s jingle claiming “Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes not.” Mounds were already popular chocolate-coated coconut blends when the company added Almond Joy in 1940. Instead of limiting themselves To coat the coconut mix with chocolate, an almond was added on top before chocolate was applied, leaving consumers to decide whether they “felt like a nut” or not.

Although there are many candy bar companies that have created different types of coconut candy, the meat from this nut is not only suitable for chocolate bars. A popular type of coconut candy is the haystack, which mixes toasted coconut flakes with chocolate or white chocolate. Any candies could be made better by adding coconut and can be added to things like truffle, cups of peanut butter, fudges, and fondants used in soft dipping centers. Sometimes people consider coconut amaretto to be more appropriately a candy than a cookie, if it truly is the definition will work.

Candy books and Internet sites devote significant space to recipes for homemade coconut candy, and these can be very simple and easy to follow or may alternatively require some complex candy preparation skills. Simple things like haystacks may not need too much work, but elaborate fondants and fudges may require precise boiling of ingredients at certain temperatures and the ability to work quickly.

Some types of coconut candy use both meat and coconut milk. These include the Latin American cocada candy , which is a combination of the above with regular milk, sherry, egg yolks, sugar and almonds. There are other versions of cocada and the recipes may vary according to the individual regions. Numerous countries make use of coconuts in various forms of candy, and international food websites can be great places to find a variety of recipes that are fun to try at home.

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