What is a Candy Rolling Pin?

As any true gourmet cook knows, there are several rolling pins for different types of food preparation. For people who like to make homemade candy, the candy rolling pin is considered an absolute essential. Here are some background on the rolling candy pin and how it is used to create deliciously sweet concoctions in both the home and kitchens.

Rolling Candy Pins follow the same basic design as most rolling pins. What distinguishes the rolling candy pin from some other types is the material used in the construction of this particular rolling pin model. The rolling candy pin is always made of metal, usual stainless steel. To ensure the device works efficiently, the stainless steel rolling pin is generally coated with a non-stick surface, which allows it to work even with the stickiest of concoctions to get the correct consistently needed for the candy.

With many types of candy, speed is essential in order to be able to form the candy into sheets even before it cools down and becomes more difficult to process. The non-stick properties of the rolling candy pin allow you to quickly and evening create a smooth sheet of the substance, which can then be cut, rolled or folded before the candy becomes too stiff.

Using the same type of back and forth action that is used to smooth dough to the desired level thickness, the candy rolling pin prepares the candy sheet in seconds. This allows plenty of time for the sheet to be cut into sections. Once the sections have been created, it is easy to move on to whatever the next steps of the preparation happen to be.

A good quality of the rolling pin candy can be used to create tasty nougat bars that can be easily topped with coconut, chocolate, or anything else you want. At the same time, a rolling candy pin is an essential tool in fondant preparation. As a delicate blend that can be used as a fondant ether laminate or as a layer of icing on homemade candies, fondant is a good example of a substance that needs to be shaped into shape before it cools down. Very flexible while it is still hot, the fondant icing can be easily flattened with the rolling pin and candy then applied in sections to the outside of layers of the cake, candy, biscuits, and any other cake that would be strengthened by a layer of icing .

The rolling candy pin is easy to clean and store. While some larger commercial models take up a significant amount of space, there are small candy house rolling pin models on the market today that fit well in any utensil drawer. For everyone who loves to make homemade cakes, the rolling candy pin is an excellent addition to the kitchen.

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