What is calibrating the battery of a mobile?

Your mobile device’s battery is not working as before? Then you should read the following information in which we will talk about How to calibrate the battery of any Android mobile without being Root?

Have you ever wondered if the mobile battery can explode while charging ? The truth is that it is not such a common problem, but it is necessary to take certain measures to protect our batteries.

Undoubtedly, calibrating the mobile battery is essential if it is presenting faults, in this way the information displayed on the screen will be consistent with that of the battery. This process can be done very easily as you can see below.

What is calibrating the battery of a mobile?

As we use our mobile devices, the batteries begin to wear down, this is a natural process that happens with virtually any battery. Battery wear can be shown in several ways, one of the most common being the so-called decalibration in relation to the mobile device.

We say that a battery is out of calibration, when the information on the screen is not related to the time of use . For example, if your mobile indicates that there is 20% battery left and despite this the device turns off, it is most likely that the battery is out of calibration.

As we pointed out, this is something perfectly common, in any case it is possible to   recalibrate the battery in our mobile without the need for any type of program. If you want to learn how to calibrate the battery of your Android mobile, read the following guide. On the other hand, if you have an Apple mobile, you can also calibrate the iPhone battery without problems.

How to calibrate the battery of any Android mobile without being Root?

Calibrating a battery is relatively easy, in any case, if you have doubts regarding this process, we recommend that you read the following information very carefully.

Check the battery status

The first thing we recommend is to verify that the battery is out of calibration, for this you must activate the battery percentage on your Android mobile , in case it does not appear. In this way you make sure that this is the problem that your Android mobile device presents. To carry out this process, follow these steps:

  1. The first thing you should do is connect your charger to charge the mobile, we recommend using the original, as it is the one designed to provide the proper charge to your cell phone.
  2. Let your phone charge until it reaches 100% battery , we will do this to verify if indeed the device’s battery is out of calibration. Just wait until the device charges up to the maximum percentage.
  3. Once your mobile has reached 100% charge, you must turn it off, remember that you must only do it when the battery is fully charged. In fact, we recommend leaving it a few more minutes after reaching 100%. Regarding the shutdown, it is important that it be a complete shutdown.
  4. After turning off your device, you must turn it on again, this is where you must verify that the battery is indeed calibrated. You can easily check this if the figure shown on the screen is according to the load, that is, if the mobile was turned off with 100% battery, what is shown on the screen should be around 99 or 100%.
  5. If your mobile shows a different percentage, that is, lower, such as 80, 70 or even 60%, the most likely thing is that the battery is out of calibration.

Calibrate your battery

If you found that your mobile battery is out of calibration, it is time to recalibrate it, a very simple process that can be done without the need for any extra application, just read the following instructions:

  1. Now what you should do is use your mobile until the battery is completely consumed. That is, the mobile should turn off automatically.
  2. We recommend trying to start it several times until you actually verify that the battery has no charge. Something that you should also do is leave the device for a couple of hours or as long as you can before continuing with the procedure, this way you make sure that the battery is completely discharged.
  3. Now, you will have to recharge the battery, we recommend doing it while the device is off. Wait until the mobile reaches 100% , after which you can use your device, since your battery should be fully calibrated.

Now that you have your battery fully calibrated, it is recommended that you consider saving battery on your Android or iOS , in this way you will extend its useful life.


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