How to make my mobile battery last longer

It is very common for the battery of current cell phones to drain quickly, but this can be caused by several reasons, some of which are harmful to your device.

If your phone’s battery lasts less and less and you want to know why this happens, or how to help prevent this from happening again, then you are in the right place. So stay tuned, and with it, learn one or another new habit so that your battery life is longer.

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  1. What situations damage the state of the battery in a mobile cell phone?
    1. Do not use the original charger
    2. Use it until it turns off
    3. Exposing your mobile to extreme temperatures
    4. Strong falls
  2. How can I know if an application is affecting my mobile battery?
  3. What should we do if the battery of our phone is damaged?
  4. How can we make our cell phone battery last longer?

What situations damage the state of the battery in a mobile cell phone?

One of the weak points in modern cell phones is the poor durability of their batteries, they are also easily damaged by various daily reasons that we do without knowing that they can affect their useful life.

Something to know is that our cell phones use lithium ion batteries that are compact and easy to charge, but they have a negative side, they are unstable; and therefore its performance drops rapidly. Next, we will tell you the most common causes of your battery ending up with permanent damage, in order to avoid this; and you can also save time and money in looking for a new battery for your cell phone.

Do not use the original charger

Using a charger that is not original, whether pirated or from a brand other than your cell phone, is not harmful in itself, since they are designed with a universal connector or for any device; but the original charger is designed for that brand and its specifications.

Basically, in the event of an irregularity like a high power spike, using a generic or pirated charger would greatly shorten the life of your battery.

Use it until it turns off

Maybe you are one of those who prefers to use your cell phone until it zeroes and turns off, because I hear that this extends the life of your battery; either on the web or by a recommendation of the seller from whom I bought the cell phone. But this is wrong, batteries today are designed to have continuous charging cycles , it is best to charge your cell phone when it is between 15% to 30%.

Exposing your mobile to extreme temperatures

If your cell phone gets too hot, it is common for this to affect the life of your battery. Extreme temperatures are a common enemy for the performance and service life of these, because they are designed to work at an optimum temperature ranging between 20 ° C .

Therefore, when they are exposed to high tempera for a very long time, it can cause damage to your battery, causing it to not work at its full capacity or even render it completely obsolete.

Strong falls

This is an issue that hardly stands out, but a strong fall can damage the battery or also the charging port of your cell phone, in theory there is a minimal possibility that your battery will explode with a very strong fall. But it is such a low probability that it makes it almost impossible for this to ever happen to you.

What is very likely is that a fall could affect the integrity of the battery, and with this its useful life.

How can I know if an application is affecting my mobile battery?

One common thing on iOS and Android cell phones is that some apps drain the battery very quickly ; this is because they work constantly even if you are not using them, since they keep running in the background.

It is very easy to discover which applications are consuming your battery, and thus prevent them from running for a longer time, you just have to go to ‘Settings’ and look for the battery section, there you will see the option ‘battery use’, or directly You will see the list of applications that you use or are active, and the percentage of energy that they use.

What should we do if the battery of our phone is damaged?

It all depends on what happens to your phone, a charging failure can also be due to a problem in the charging port or in its charger; that the charge runs out very quickly can be a system error or as mentioned before, an application stealing power unnecessarily, before replacing the battery with a new one, it is best to check if it is not another problem.

But in the event that your battery is swollen, it is best to replace it, since this can pose a risk, using it in this state can damage the cell phone and even release substances that are harmful to your health.

How can we make our cell phone battery last longer?

There are several ways in which we can protect, and even extend the useful life of the cell phone battery , here we will leave you some practical tips:

  • Maintain the charge between 20% and 80%, since the periods in which the batteries suffer the most stressare from 0% to 20% and from 80% to 100% of charge.
  • Do not leave your cell phone charging overnight, it is best to charge the cell phone at times, since this way your battery will be under less stress.
  • Monitor the temperature of your battery, this can prevent the battery from suffering more than it should.
  • Do not use the cell phone while it is charging, this is a very common practice, since the cell phone is so necessary today, but it is best to avoid doing this.
  • Avoid using a non-original charger as much as possible.
  • Calibrate the battery in Android or iOS phones , this is a good option to extend the duration of the charge.
  • Put the mobile in energy saving mode, especially when you are not using it for something important.
  • Minimize the blocking time, so your cell phone will not last as long on.
  • Use your phone at low volume.

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