How to activate the chronological order in the Twitter timeline?

Some changes in social platforms are not completely liked by all users, for many, this has been the case of the deactivation of the temporal order in the Twitter platform. For this reason, today we are going to show you how to activate the chronological order in the Twitter timeline?

If you use Twitter constantly, it is very likely that you should take this option into account, which we will talk about next. The truth is that viewing tweets according to the time they were published can be much more comfortable than the current way that the platform handles.

What is and how does Twitter’s chronological mode work?

Some years ago, the information that was shown on Twitter was indicated by its publication time, where the most recent tweets appeared at the top and as the user scrolled down, they saw those that were older.

This in practical terms is very convenient for users who use the platform, since they can see all the publications made by the accounts they follow. On the other hand, it is also convenient to disable the automatic playback of videos and GIFs on Twitter , in order to further improve the experience.

In any case, in relation to order, the latest versions of the Twitter application do not have a system based on a temporal chronology, on the other hand, they focus mainly on those tweets that are more famous or have a greater number of interactions.

As you can imagine, this change has not been liked by all users. In any case, we can use certain tools present in the application that will possibly allow us to recover to some extent the old functioning of Twitter , read the following for more information.

How to activate the chronological order in the Twitter timeline?

Although mobile telephony is still very much in force, the truth is that a large part of the users of social platforms, such as Twitter, specifically use their computers to navigate. If you are one of these users, then the following guide is for you.

In the case of using our computers, the process to activate the chronological order of Twitter is relatively simple. If you have doubts, just read the following instructions carefully, through which you can enable this function of the platform:

  1. The first thing you should do is log into your Twitter account. If you’re having trouble, there are other ways to log in if you can’t on Twitter .
  2. Go to the settings section, here you must click on “Settings and privacy”.
  3. All the options related to your account will be displayed, you must locate one called ” Content-related preferences “ .
  4. The “Chronology” tab should open, in this section you should activate the option “Show the most recent tweets first”.

In addition to the above, if you do not want to miss anything, it is possible to activate Twitter notifications on PC , in this way you will receive notifications about your twitter users and preferred accounts.

Activate the chronological order in the Twitter timeline on Android

Little by little, smart mobile phones have positioned themselves among the most important devices. Given this, it is clear that many users use their cell phones to access platforms such as Twitter.

If you are a user of the Android platform, then you should carefully read the following guide that we have prepared so that you can learn how to properly enable the old Twitter chronological mode:

  1. In the case of Android, what you need to do first is open the application.
  2. In the upper left part of the screen the icon or image of your profile will appear, click there.
  3. Now you must click on the option “Settings and privacy”.
  4. Locate the section “Content preferences”, just click on this option.
  5. Appears “Change to view more tweets recent”. All you have to do is enable this section and in this way you can switch to Twitter’s chronological mode.

It should be noted that this option may not appear to many users. In such a case, unfortunately nothing can be done to revert to the chronological view style.

In addition to the above, now that you know how to access the configuration options, we recommend activating two-step verification on Twitter , an essential option if you want to protect the integrity of your account.


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