What Is Art?

Art is a set of artistic works from a country or an era; for example, Italian art and Roman art.

It is defined as art to specific human activity for which uses certain sensory faculties, aesthetic and intellectual.

We can also say that art is a set of rules that govern a profession or an activity, such as:

  • Military art.
  • Culinary art.
  • Realistic Art.
  • Colonial art.
  • Baroque art.

Elements of the artistic phenomenon.


The artist is that person who practices art, or stands out in it.

It can also be said that an artist is in charge of making works of art.


It is the material realization, which has objective existence and which is noticeably perceptible.


The public is defined as the people who visit exhibitions or museums that express a critical and appreciative sense of art, being able to affect fashions and artistic tastes.


It is the selective and active process, where the human being tends to choose or see things more simply and from another point of view.

Types of art.

Poetic art.

They are the works in verses and prose that define the conception and techniques of poetic creation of a writer or a literary school.

Examples of poetic art:

  • The poetry.
  • Theater plays.
  • Writing.

Popular art.

It is said to be the set of utilitarian or decorative objects, without explicit reference to an aesthetic that the ruling classes usually refer to.

Set of the production, material of familiar, utilitarian, cultural, religious objects, etc. made by an ethnic group. For example, the indigenous community.

Fishing gear.

It is the set of nets, cables and floats that are used to fish. For example:

  • The fishing rod.
  • Fishing nets.
  • Fishing traps.
  • Among others.

Visual art.

It is in charge of the projection and construction of buildings.

It is also known as the art of space or architecture (defined as the process and technical design that depends on various materials for the construction of structures that organize space to be used by humans).

Body art.

It is the type of art that uses the human body as its support. Some of its activities have makeup, clothing, hairdressing or beauty, tattoo, scissors, etc.

Digital art.

As its name says, it is used by digital media, such as:

  • Computer science means.
  • Images, which are often linked to facilities, or that can be used by various platforms, such as the internet, for example video games.

Ephemeral art.

Ephemeral art has a defined duration in time. It is said that at the genesis of its conception lies the fact that it is perishable.

Various forms of conceptual and action art are understood, such as performance and happening.

It also links the different activities such as perfumery, gastronomy, fireworks (better known as pyrotechnics, etc). The stated point of these certain activities is public participation.

Applied or decorative art.

This term is preferably applied to arts that are industrial, such as the painting and writing industries.


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