What Is Argot Language

Argot is a specific language used by a group of people who share some common characteristics, such as social category, profession , origin or tastes.

Sometimes, argots become instruments to prevent messages from being understood by individuals strangers to a collective, this happens, for example, in marginal groups (delinquents, traffickers, prisoners, beggars), where secrecy is a need derived from illegal activities of group members.

Also by frequent use, argots are produced continuously to name something that does not really have a specific literal translation in the language used, the majority of argots of this type end up being accepted as the vocabulary proper to that language .


The argot in the language

It should be noted, that argot is the main reason for linguistic changes and renewals of the language, since due to the creativity and convenience of its use, some terms end up replacing or complementing others that fall into disuse.

Argot social image 

In the past, argot has always been related to the ordinary. But little by little and with the passage of time, especially with the entry of the last twentieth century , its use and study have gained a certain degree of respect.

Argot vs jargon 

It is possible to differentiate argot from jargon , since some scholars claim that while the term jargon is used only for technical language between social or professional groups, argot would encompass all kinds of words and phrases between people with the same position, branch or occupation.

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