What is an XLR file and how to open one?

In this article we will talk about what an XLR file is and how to open one of them. But first, let’s learn a little more about where these types of files come from and how to convert them.

If you know XLS files you will have an idea about what XLR files are. XLS is the format used by Microsoft Excel files. And the XLS, similar to the above, are about a Microsoft Works spreadsheet or chart file. In case you need to open an XLS on Mac you can learn how to open XLS files on my Mac if the extension is invalid .

If you’ve never heard of Microsoft Works before, you’ll learn a bit about it here too. Microsoft Works used to be a Microsoft office suite but smaller, with fewer features and at a lower price than what we know today as Microsoft Office. If you still do not have it, we will show you how to install Microsoft Office online in Windows .

Microsoft Works was only understood by a word processor similar to Microsoft Word and a spreadsheet / database, similar to Microsoft Excel. Older versions also had a terminal emulator included, while newer versions had a calendar application.

Unlike Microsoft Office that is focused on making office work easier, Microsoft Works was designed for home use. And it worked from defined templates instead of blank documents like Microsoft Office.

In the case of the word processor, it allowed the writing of letters as well as the creation of resumes and greeting cards, however you can choose to create or make a CV online for free . It also gave access to a built-in dictionary, templates, and proofing tools for better performance. Furthermore, it had compatibility with Microsoft Word files and vice versa since they were able to open their files accordingly.

And as far as the spreadsheet is concerned, as we mentioned, Microsoft Works in general was designed for use at home, which meant making work easier by budgeting for yourself or family, organizing tasks, and improving planning at home. And as with the word processor, it also had compatibility with certain versions of its companion Microsoft Excel.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Works has been discontinued and its programs are no longer available for recent versions of Microsoft Office. Even so, many of its files still work. How to open and convert them? Let’s find out more about what XLR files are .

What is an XLR file?

A file with the XLR extension is simply a Works spreadsheet or graph file . These types of files are created with Microsoft Works versions 6 to 9 and can store images or graphics, but also common spreadsheets such as text, formulas, and numbers. You are in separate cells of the spreadsheet.

Knowing essentially what an XLR file is, let’s now see how to open them keeping in mind that Microsoft Works has been discontinued. We will also see how to convert an XLR file.

How to open an XLR file and how to convert these types of files?

To open and edit an XLR file you must use a version of Microsoft Works which, as already mentioned, is discontinued. Now, you can also open it with some old versions of Excel created with Works 8 or later versions.

You can also use OpenOffice Calc. To use Excel and Calc you must first open the program and then find the XLR file from there. And if you change the termination of the file, from ‘XLR’ to ‘XLS’ it can also work.

Now, if you want to convert an XLR file you can use several methods. Among them is Zamzar , a free file converter that runs from the same browser and converts these types of files to XLS, PDF, XLSX, and more.

You can also convert the file once you’ve opened it in Microsoft Excel or Calc. And if you still own Microsoft Works and just want to change the format of this file, you can also do it from within the application itself.

To convert these files you just have to open it and then in the option ‘Save as’ change the format of it. Although sometimes this does not exactly change the file format, many times this method works and allows other programs to run.

If none of the above methods work, you can still use the Microsoft website Script to convert XLR files to XLS files.


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