What is Action Propaganda?

The propaganda of the act refers to the request for violent action, usually perpetrated by anarchists, which inspires the masses to revolt against political structures in a given state. In some cases, revolutions are peaceful demonstrations called by groups that want to see changes or improvements in their societies. However, in extreme situations, terrorist acts such as attacks, vehicle attacks, stabs and air strikes have been reported.


This concept dates back to the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century when Carlo Pisacane, an Italian anarchist and one of the first socialists, wrote about the concept in his book as an attempt to “wake up the masses” from political oppression. The concept encouraged people to use violence to rebel against government leaders and political systems. He argued that by using violence, attention would have been created quickly, as opposed to other peaceful demonstrations that otherwise would not have given any response to people.

His idea has influenced many since then, leading to the rise of terrorist groups and mass revolutions in that century, and has spread to other European nations such as Germany, France, Russia and Spain. It has also spread to America, where mass murders and assassinations of political leaders were recorded through bombings, stabs and even shootings. In America, the anarchist like Johann Most supported the annihilation of someone who called the “enemy of the people” through killings that were aimed at representatives of the government and capitalists. He also influenced the rise of the anarchist in the nation through his written manual on the acquisition and detonation of explosives.

Examples of modern day

In recent years it has been observed that anarchy still thrives. It has evolved and led to the growth of anarchist terrorist groups formed in almost all parts of the world – including Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Somalia – with the most devastating deaths in the history of revolutions and revolts that make news at almost all dawn of the day. Terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and ISIS have publicly publicly admitted their terrorist plans or acts if their demands are not met.

The types of anarchist terrorist groups that have gained popularity today include:

Dissent terrorist groups

These are groups formed by people who have rebelled against their governments. Most of the time, people who join these groups feel oppressed by their leaders and try to find ways to expel them. When they fail, their next alternative is to try to force them out.

Religious terrorist groups

These groups consist mainly of members of the same religious organizations. Their complaints are more about religious beliefs than social beliefs.

Addressing this issue

An important point to note is that, while most anarchists have endorsed this approach, some of them are distancing themselves from the same that was becoming more about murder than about revolution. Many call for a return to smarter methods to tackle nascent problems, such as the formation of trade unions where grievances could be addressed. Measures are in place to ensure order and peace, and complaints are addressed through appropriate channels.

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