What is a voicemail system?

A voicemail system is a centralized system used by businesses for sending, storing, and retrieving audio messages, just like an answering machine does at home. Voicemail systems make the PBX more flexible and powerful by allowing information and messages to be transmitted between users, even when one of them is not present.

How does a voicemail system work?

Each extension in a telephone exchange is normally linked to a voice mailbox, so when the number is called and the call is not answered or is busy, the caller hears a message previously recorded by the user. This message can instruct the caller to leave a voice message, or provide other available options. Options include paging the user, transferring to another extension or to the receptionist. The voicemail system also provides notifications to users to inform them of new voicemails. Most modern voicemail systems provide the user with multiple ways to check their voicemail, including access through PCs, mobile phones, landlines, or even throughVoIP apps that run on smartphones.

A voicemail system in a business is essential to keep external and internal communications flowing smoothly and efficiently. 3CX has integrated a free voicemail system into its IP PBX. 3CX offers a complete voicemail solution that incorporates Unified Communications allowing voicemail to be relayed to the user’s email.

Voicemail: how to make your customer listen to your message.

The voicemail is a computerized system that functions as an electronic mailbox, recording messages voice of all unanswered calls.

There are many settings that can be adjusted when enabling voicemail , such as recording the message the person hears when calling, options for listening to recorded messages, transferring to another extension, and much more.

Most people are used to hanging up before they even hear the entire message from the answering machine.

So, to capture the customer’s attention, an extra effort is required to record a voicemail that catches the eye and invites the response.

Stay tuned for the tips that follow 😉

1. Clear and objective messages

Despite the different modern features available today, it should be noted that voicemail is far from being a novelty.

It is a feature that, nowadays, is already considered old, but extremely important, as it allows your customer to always be heard, whether you answer the phone or not.

The difference is exactly there: it is necessary that his message is not only heard, but also reaches the final destination with the right information.

When the voice message is objective and includes the appropriate information, it becomes much easier to give a positive feedback that resolves the issues mentioned in the message.

Another option, too, is to transfer the call to another extension that is available, without even having to reach the point of recording the message.

2. What to record in voicemail?

As basic as this sounds, it is important to know what to include in a ** voicemail ** and how to make your message clear and accurate.

There is information that is essential for a good understanding of the message, and this information should be kindly requested.

The ideal voicemail:

  • It’s friendly – it shows in the tone of voice and in the phrases used, inviting the caller to leave a message in a friendly way;
  • It has a female voice – the woman has a more inviting tone, which can help when recording a voice message;
  • Cites the name of the company – clear communication from the company to the customer, which can avoid mistakes;
  • Explains when and how the issue will be resolved – predicting a return to the customer is essential and helps and inform you if you need to try other means before waiting for an answer;
  • It is positive – the answer is more favorable when it has a positive connotation.

The ideal voice message will only be achieved through clear communication from both parties, even if it is not in “real time” – it is a recording talking to someone else.

With the features listed above, your voice message can attract more positive reactions and better inform your customers about what you need to hear in order to help them in the best way.


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