What is a technical rider?

Broadly speaking, we can say that the technical rider of a musical group is a technical sheet that includes, for example, the stage plan with the situation of the musicians and the necessary equipment. A document that records who is responsible for eventual failures that may interfere in the correct development, for example, of a concert. Let’s take a closer look at it.

The technical rider is a technical specification.

The technical rider is a clause of the contract that an artist signs with the promoter of a concert. It is only a technical specification. It must include the technical team, the catering or the schedules, among other issues. In the world of show production , it is essential to be clear about the minimum necessary for a band or soloist to be able to go on stage without suffering the quality of their show.

The length of the technical rider will depend, as you can imagine, on the complexity of the show in question. The name of the group or show and the contact details of those responsible for production, security, advertising, etc. must be included. In other words , it is a practical document for use by technicians. Some of the data to include are:

  • Description of the show.
  • Number of people who will intervene.
  • Everything that is of interest to the person in charge of the live sound.
  • Arrival times and material download times.
  • Scheduled breaks.
  • Stage requirements (width and depth, loading space, loading needs …).
  • Security requirements. For example, fire retardant curtain.
  • Decoration and effects (smoke machines, wind machines, projection screens …).
  • Tailor shop.
  • Lighting (projectors and reflectors, dimmers and tables necessary to operate, connections, supports, trush, accessories, power …).
  • Sound (amplifiers, microphones, mic stands, monitors, cables and tools).
  • Stage plan.
  • Emergency plan. Special mention especially if the show includes pyrotechnics


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